Age Requirement for GHRH?

  1. Age Requirement for GHRH?

    Hey guys,
    I wanted to know if there is an age limit/requirement before taking any kind of GHRH, like there is with test. I have searched and can't find any info suggesting that there is one, but I want to make sure before I start CJC-1295.

    I am 22/5'9''/175lbs/12%BF

    I plan on running a low dose (500mcg/week) for 8 weeks.


  2. most cjc-1295 is grf 1-29 - REAL CJC-1295 has a DAC complex at position 29 and has a half life of 7 days where as grf lasts only a few minutes.

    to easily tell the difference look at the price the good stuff is 3x more expensive.

    when i was 24 i did a cycle on the long and short half life cjc's the short stuff you need to inject twice a day over 4 weeks to notice any real benefit.

    wicked vivid dreams on both pep's !!!

  3. 500mcg a week would be pointless at 22 if its real cjc

  4. sounds stupid...

    and yes they are both the same thing... especially the 'modified' but not DAC stuff. basically they use the name to bump the price. no way to be sure of what you have anyway, unless you're assured by an assay or 'reliable' source.

    My recommendation is to rely more on a ghrp, either -6, -2, hex, sermorelin, etc because as stated previously, you want the PULSES. CJC/grf does not do much noticeable damage unless combined with a ghrp, as it works to lengthen the pulses as well as amplify their effects.

    Id start with GHRP6... because it releases grehlin a powerful hunger hormone (also released after torching up a spliff), and because out of the GHRP class it has the least effect on prolactin and cortisol levels. All of them WILL raise prolactin and cortisol (especially post injection), and it is up to you to control the rise in those two hormones with whatever means you prefer. I like to use p5p/7keto/vitex 15-30mins pre-injection for protection from abrupt rises in P + C

    100mcg... 3x per day... 30 mins before eating ANY carbs whatsoever(minimum)
    take one shot post workout or 20-30mins before you're done working out
    do this every day for 4weeks-6months and i assure you it will not disappoint

    i easily gained something like 13lbs in 4 weeks with that dose while leaning out at the same time.

    but why are you worries about 'age requirements' anyway... what? are you younger than you say you are? if you were 22, why not just grab some test, since you're 'of age' huh? i dunno why i just gave you all that advice... you weigh 167lbs. EAT & YOU WILL GROW!



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