r3 IGF-1 again! - HCL versus BA suspensions?

  1. Question r3 IGF-1 again! - HCL versus BA suspensions?

    well this stuff seems to be quite the new craze around here and CEM / MC, its certainly got me intrested.
    I notice one of the other major suppliers have switched from suspending in BA to HCL, which I gather makes for harsher injections but longer life spans of the protein.

    what do you guys think?

    LC's new version of long r3 IGF-1
    Has anybody had differing results with lab****s IGF since they switched the solution from BA to a hydrocloride solution? From what i have read the HCL solution is supposed to keep the IGF more bioactively available.

    Anyone out there who has tried both and noticed a difference?

    aesop ( from musclechemistry.com )
    apologise if you follow both boards

  2. Okay.. if I remember correct and I do.. HCl is hydrochloric acid.. and that would make it a very harsh injection even in low mole rations... ouch that just kinda hurts thinking about it

  3. Lab Corp is out of business and they actually went back to BA befoer they went belly up because they said the amount of increase was negligable (something like 1% fo 1%).
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  4. reallY? they were answering emails a few days ago

  5. They were a sponsor over at MC. There was a thread about how they are done and not shipping anymore and I just went over to try and locate it and the title is there but the thread deleted. So who knows....I know something big went down and there were people not getting their stuff and service was horrible.
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  6. I would not use them.


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