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  1. I've read igf1 lr3 is just pointless .
    Some say it only works on select few !
    Some say they get huge gains .

    So confused

    Also igf1lr3 from peptides sites in uk are they really potent as black market stuff .

    Need something concrete

  2. Good morning friends,

    I would a great help of you, because where I live and recent product ..
    on IGF-1 lr3 ... let's questions

    1) was reading on the internet that IGF-1 lr3 after mixed in liquid (water bac) can be kept at room temperature out of the refrigerator, it can last more than a month and need not be kept in the refrigerator, even keeping in temperature environment it continue without losing the effects, and this true?

    2) What is the difference of subcutaneous and intramuscular injection? subcutaneous abdominal fat burns more? intramuscular helps develop muscle applied? I heard a rumor that subcutaneous grows the organs ......

    3) Hypoglycemia how to avoid using IGF-1 lr3?

    thank you very much count on the help of you

  3. would IGF benefit a person who is type 1 diabetic insulin dependent?

  4. would IGF benefit a person who is type 1 diabetic insulin dependent?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by heckler7 View Post
    would IGF benefit a person who is type 1 diabetic insulin dependent?
    Off topic but I know there are docs in socal who are injecting core blood/stem cells into the pancreas and seeing amazing results with type 1 diabetics. Just throwing it out there in case you were thinking igf-1 would have positive effects on your type 1.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Sketch2000 View Post
    Looking forward to your blog.

    blog up???

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Schrute View Post
    From Basskiller:

    IGF1 will attach its self to the lining of the intestine and cause atrophy of the gut. Every thing IGF1 touches will grow and you have a lot of receptors on the lining of the large intestine and inner wall of the abdominal well. This is what causes the GH gut look. You can easily avoid this by limiting your dosages and cycle lengths. IGF1 cycles should be kept to 4-6 weeks with 4-6 weeks off in-between. IGF-1 is considerably more powerful than HGH and you need to think of it along those lines as far as dosing goes. We all know what to much HGH can do over prolonged periods of usage. The
    first said cause atrophy ? and latter said, cause hypertrophy, organize your speech.
    and by the way

    yes on rats, but we can show bubble gut photos of of current bodybuilders

    Enterotrophic Effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I but not Growth Hormone


    irrelevant of IGFBP-5

    Intestinotrophic effects of exogenous IGF-I are not diminished in IGF binding protein-5 knockout mice.


  8. jahcure

    please message me


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