Please help me heal my tendon

  1. Please help me heal my tendon

    Guys I need some help, I have read that IGF-1 R3 and GH can both be affective in healing connective tissue. Frst I will give you a little background on my injuries. I have had tennis elbow for 3 years. Every time I lift my elbow starts to hurt again. Ive tried cortizone shots, therapy, supplements, and surgery with no help. Ive went from bench pressing 250x6 to 50 pounds! Yes 50 pounds and it still hurts at this level. I also have had a tear in my TFCC of my wrist. I had suregery on it, and hile the doctor says it as a success, it stll hurts. I have been to many doctors with them all saying theres nothing to do but avoid the gym and anything else that hurts it. This is not an option considering Im 24 and love weightlifting. I was saving up to get PRP injections from a prolotherapist when I ran across this site and now I considering going this rought instead.

    Now to my questions. Thanks in advance and I apologize for being so long

    What is more effective in tendon repair? IGF or GH

    DO I need to inject directly into my tendon or just somewhere close? Is there any chance that I could cause damage injecting trying to inject into my tendon?

    Are there any doctors offering this as a treatment at this time? I know that some prolotherapist affer HGH inections fot injuries.

    I have read that this is not as effective in older injuries, which mine are. Could I do a heavy lift to actually aggravate the injury at the same time I start the peptide to send my body back into the healing mode?

    Thanks you very much in advance as these injuries have put me in so much of a deppression over the last few years. I have to be so careful on a daily bases to keep them at a managable level.

  2. Can anyone answer any of these questions?

  3. dpfisher
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    I'm curious about this too, was thinking about going to one of those "anti-aging" doctors to try to get some, cost be damned... tendon injuries are a b!tch and I'm sick of not being able to work out properly

  4. I agree you cant put a price on health and strong tendons. Can doctors give IGF injections? or prescribe them for self injections if all other attemps at healing your tendon has failed?
  5. dpfisher
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    I admit my knowledge of this comes from a documentary on steroid use... but supposedly anti-aging doctors are people where you go in and say "I think I might have a testosterone deficiency" and get test or "I think I might have a GH deficiency" and get GH. Kind of a way around the system. I don't think you can tell them what you actually want to use it for.

    About the injections... again I don't know for sure, but I think it would be IM in the area around the tendon not directly into it since it floats around a bit. That way even if it didn't heal the tendon the muscles in that area would be stronger and able to take some load off the tendon while it heals.

    I'm sure there has to be someone who knows about this stuff because I don't, this is all guessing.

  6. IGF is not going to miraculously cure you, I don't think, especially with such an old injury (guys use it on acute injuries immediately). However, it does have a lot of interesting effects. The main healing property it has is the increased nutrient shuttling: your body gets nutrients (sugars and protein) to the muscle better. This speeds up regenerative processes and can aid in muscular hypertrophy. This is why it is of primary interest to somebody looking to gain lean mass (it aids in an AAS cycle).


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