Feeling like $hit on Long R3 IGF-1

  1. Feeling like $hit on Long R3 IGF-1

    I'd like to ask others what their experience on Long R3 IGF-1 has been. Some quick info on me. I'm using this only for fat loss. As much as I'd love more mass, body is usually pretty adamant about not giving up fat to a large degree. 39 yr old, ~5'5 and 187 pounds. Been working out for a long ass time. I followed papa's pdf regarding AA constitution/mixture. I ended up using 1ml of AA to mix the IGF. I'm using a .3 cc slin pin. So I'm assuming that the first 2 lines is equating to 20 mcgs and not something far more. I'm working out every other day, shooting those days, 40 mcg bi-lat. My diet is around 2k a day, protein is high, carbs fairly low (~101 grams). I take spinning class 3 times a week for an hour a pop. High intensity cardio. I've done the 6 day a week low intensity for 30-50 minutes and it didn't do ****. The last month-ish I've lost 5 pounds without modifiying my diet. So with the IGF I'm trying to spark a little more out of myself.

    I started IGF on Wed and had another shot on Friday night.

    I've been experiencing an hour or so after injection (at home) feeling like crap. I have a protein shake right after working out and eat about an hour and a half or so later. In between the shake and meal I shoot. Yesterday I felt like a train ran over me from the moment I got up. I ate a lot more than I usually do on Sunday and felt fine, but yesterday, ugh. Bad scene. Felt absolutely horrible. I have a protein shake immediately upon waking and actually eat a meal 2.5 hrs later. Yesterday within just a few bites of my 2nd meal I felt Worlds better. Started getting hot too. I've had that happen before, but it was more noticable yesterday. I still had that quasi sick feeling all day, but nothing like the morning. I didn't sleep much between last Thurs-Sunday morning, so I attribute feeling like crap to that a little, but the sick feeling has me concerned. Last night I didn't have that crappy feeling shortly after injection. I also went to bed early to try and get some rest. I'm not feeling anywhere as bad, but I do have that uneasy feeling and my head is slightly hurting. I've notced each time after shooting I get Much more tired than I normally would for the time I would goto bed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

  2. Going Hypo

    It sounds like your blood sugar is dropping a lot after you shoot the IGF. This will cause you to feel like poop. You should try to up your carbs some after shooting or on days you shoot as IGF has some potent carb shuttling properties(it is INSULIN like Growth Factor= IGF). Same would happen if you shot insulin and ate very little carbs, just to a greater degree. I have had the same feeling - eating makes the crap feeling go away. You will still lose fat while upping the carbs- IGF is powerful stuff.


  3. Soma pretty much nailed it. I have taken in 150 grams of carbs after a shot and it sometimes wasn't enough. But I went with some high doses too..

  4. Thanks for answering this guys, I had three straight solid days of feeling like crap. Each day was a little better than the previous, but still, not a fun feeling. What surprises me is that my body is actually reacting that way. I've never been sensitive (insulin wise) before. My body in general is a pretty stubborn POS with anything. And given how resistent it is (despite the nature of the compound) I'm shocked it's reacting that way. But I will def. up it a little and see how it goes. It's been just over a week now and so I'm hoping in a couple more I'll start to see something.

  5. I remember the first time I ever did it, I finished workout, did the shot(s), drank a protein shake (no carbs), and then got stuck in traffic. I got a crazy flush and I mean intense, and realized I had to get to some carbs quick.

  6. Well that's what weirds me out. I workout 4-5 days a week with fairly intense cardio and low carbs and my body gives me the finger. The days I'm shooting, I have a protein shake with 19 grams of carbs in it. Nothing spectacular of course, but when your body obviously holds onto everything it can in a nice round homer sized doughnut around your gut, you can't ingest much. I shoot probably within 20 minutes of finishing the shake and yet an hour or so later I would feel so crappy. I can't explain the horrid feeling Monday, but I wonder if it had something to do with the large influx of carbs on Sunday? Seems kind of strange, but eating wise, that was the only difference in my habits over the weekend.

  7. The igf should keep you pretty lean, so you can up your carbs with little worry after shooting. I would have a shake with carbs, then a little later a meal with some carbs, and try to keep them on the low side the rest of the time. You will probably have to play around a little bit to figure out what works best for you.

  8. That would be an ideal situation because I'm not. Hence the whole point of this exercise, stimulate my POS body into doing something other than pissing away muscle, keeping the fat and feeling like a skinny fat guy. I'll def. try that out. I'll keep the amount on my "meal after shot" pretty low. Usually I only include broccolli with whatever protein I have and no carbs. I'll include a something super small to see if that helps. Appreciate all the input.

  9. I know most of the boards say just have a protein shake after 5 mins of injection pwo. But, you will literally pass out as your driving home from the gym if you don't get in any carbs in you within the next 10-15 minutes after your injection. It does not surprise me at all that you would feel like hell after your igf-1 injection. What you ate before your injection doesn't matter. The hypoglycemic effects only occur AFTER an injection. If your waiting over 15 minutes to eat after your shot, you could be putting yourself in some serious danger. I take my pwo shake within five minutes of injection and feel awesome minutes, hours later.

  10. I think you should rule out the hypoglycemia. Walgreens and other pharmacies have started selling cheap blood sugar kits. But Walgreens has one with a low tolerance of (from my exp.) +/- 10mg/dl. Its called TrueTest. It's only $10 where Im at.

    When you feel like crap test your BS. With +/-10 your sugar should be 90-110. Lows suck.

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    you guys bumped an 8 month old thread

  12. Make sure you're shooting into muscles. I caught a vein once and it made me feel crabby. I shot mine immediately post workout then take my shake and eat a meal about an hour after my shake with both slow and fast digesting carbs. Try that. It's not so much the amount of carbs but the type and timing of the intake.

  13. i didnt read ur whole post.

    but ur cutting and using igf-lr3. i dont think its the greatest idea, but ive heard of people do it. and i also believe a strict dieter can make it work greatly. if ur diet is strict and eat no carbs during the day (maybe only breakfast), than u shoot this **** and have a whey shake + carbs, it could work really great. idk if its a good idea, but everybody can agree than when u cut weight with keto style diet, eating carbs is like snorting mdrol lol.

    umm also, ive heard of people using igf lr3 to go into ketosis faster.


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