question about HCG usage

  1. Wink question about HCG usage

    Hi, my mom just started a program for weight loss and resetting her thyroid/hypothalamus with HCG and a very low calorie diet(500 limit a day). the protocol says to continue the extreme low calorie diet for 3 days to make sure all residual HCG is out of the body before increasing calories because this would result in immediate weight gain. My question is could this be used in part of a 5000 calorie a day mass diet to build muscle and bulk up maybe with some prohormones(no gear yet), or would it result in fat gain???

  2. ummm, i dont know

    i think you would get more test out of it than SERM in your case with your experiment.

    im pretty sure its ineffective in terms of size gains off SERM or HCG induced test boost....otherwise people would have done this a looooooong time ago including olympics and etc.

    i say nay.

  3. hi
    I believe that my HCG was left on the kitchen counter in our airconditioned apt while I went to Chicago I left 7am Monday and returned 10pm Wednesday. Is it still good. I had already put it in the syringes?
    Betty Gates

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