What people are saying about X-Dream by IBE...

  1. What people are saying about X-Dream by IBE...

    Here is a thread dedicated to real-world feedback about IBE's X-Dream. Us reps are biased so people don't wanna hear what we have to say anyway

    Here are a few to start off.. each time I come across something involving X-Dream I'll add it to the list, good or bad.

    ..oh, and feel free to add your own feedback on the product if you haven't gotten a chance to speak your mind about it yet.

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  2. Here is a review by Travis after I sent him a few samples to try out..

    Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post
    I've tried countless sleep aids over the past few years, and nothing has hit me like X-Dreams. Some even had an opposite effect on me. (woke me right up).
    I'm one of those chosen unlucky few who's a born insomniac. I didn't sleep much when I was a baby, I always got in trouble in kindergarten for not sleeping, and it was common place for me to go 3-4 nights without sleep in high school...in the middle of Texas Football Season!

    AK came across me in a log talking about one of the products that had had a completely opposite effect on me, (which I ended up giving away) and pm'ed me about sending me a sample of X-Dreams. I was extremely skeptical X-Dreams would work for me, one because nothing ever works for me, two because I used to take 6-9 g's of melatonin and 5 grams of GABA at night...I didn't think a proprietary blend of just 502 mg's of 3-OH-GABA, valeric acid, 2-bromo-melatonin would do it...Boy was I wrong. I tried to take two caps sublingually the first night, however I was pretty impatient so I ended up just swallowing the powder (I didn't think it would really work for me anyway right?)...I finished getting ready for bed, laid down, flipped on the T.V....Well I must have flipped on the T.V. because I was soon being awoken by my alarm clock the next morning, and I don't remember watching any T.V. at all...I'd talk some about the dreams, but it's not out of place for me to have wicked dreams...they were just...so much more real feeling...so much more...vibrant.

    The second night, I just swallowed the two caps so it would take a little longer to hit me. I watched about half on episode of that 70's show before I was turning the T.v. off and calling it a night.

    I'm extremely impressed by this product. As I said, nothing...nothing ever works for me...and I was extremely skeptical this would work...and I'm pleasantly surprised (and very excited) that it did work. X-Dreams has made it onto my list for my next order. I can't wait to use it again! (for an entire cycle)
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  3. Here's a review by Jay after 2 nights worth of X-Dreams samples..


    My first night taking X-Dream was the day of my leg workout. I dosed 2 caps of X-Dream 40 minuted before I fell asleep. Intially I tried to take them 30 minutes before bed, but some stuff came up and I didn't get to bed until 40 minutes after. I did start to feel sleepy about 20 minutes after swallowing the caps. By the time that the 30 minute mark came by I felt like going to bed right then, but I was not in my bed just yet. When I got to bed I was in a deep sleep almost instantly. I did have a really vivid dream, but I cannot recall what took place now. I should have wrote it down when I woke up the following morning. I was a bit sore from my leg workout, but not as bad as it could have been.

    The second night that I took X-Dream was the night after my upper body session. This time I opened up the caps and placed the powder under my tounge and let the powder dissolve under my tounge. It didn't taste as bad as others have said, to me that is, but it didn't taste like a cherry pie. I took it and planned to wait 30 minutes before I went to sleep, but I was drowsy like 10 minutes after I took the X-Dream. Once again I had vivid dreams, and the one part that I can remember is that somehow I was playing basketball. Oddly, I was dressed in really nice clothes; like slacks, collar, and a tie. I remember just coming from the weakside and blocking someones shot out of bounds. I don't know who else was playing or anything, just blocking the shot and being dressed really spiffy. I woke up feeling good, not groggy and not as sore as I might have thought.

    Overall I really enjoyed giving X-Force and X-Dream a shot. Although it was only a two serving sample, I would consider these purchase worthy. There price tags seem very reasonable, and I am kicking myself for not picking these up yesterday during the Memorial Day Sale on Nutra.

    Thanks again to AK and everybody at IBE, appreciate it fellas!!!!
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  4. Nevergooenough says:

    Quote Originally Posted by nevergoodenough View Post
    Starting late last year I developed some insomnia and anxiety problems. (unsatisfied with career, life etc.) They got much worse after getting fired in February. Sleep did not come easy as my mind raced trying to figure out what to do with my life and if I was going to make it. I tried melatonin, 5-htp, valerian and countless other sleep aids to no avail. The only thing that worked would be about 5 benadryl, but the next day I was barely alive.

    Last night about 11:15 I opened up 2 caps of X-Dream and poured them under my tongue. It tasted awful, like coffee grounds that had been floating in a truck stop toilet for a few days. It eventually dissolved. I sat in bed and read for about 35 minutes until I thought I was groggy, turned off the light and laid down. Thats when my typical nightly experience of my heart pounding in my chest and reverberating throughout multiple points in my body started. (Caused by being an anxiety sufferer, we have more adrenaline in our system, and constant worrying means we're permanently on the edge of panic, which causes adrenaline to be released that leads to palpations.) So I laid there for about 15-20 minutes thinking great, I'm going to be the one person in the world that X-Dream wont work for, which led to even more anxiety. And then, all of the sudden I was out. I didn't sleep straight through the night, I actually woke up several times, which was good because my dreams were so freaking intense I needed a few minutes to tell myself that it was just a dream. Sitting here now I can't remember exactly what they were, I just remember how I felt after waking from them. I plan on keeping some paper by my bed tonight to write them down as I wake up.

    Definetly a good experience, made sleeping fun again. I guess it just takes more time to work in my system than others. I may try just swallowing the caps tonight, because I may have lost some of the powder when I was opening them. If you're skeptical, give it a shot it will be a ride you will enjoy.
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  5. Resolve's review !

    Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Through various deviant and nefarious efforts I managed to burgle myself two doses of X-dream.

    ...ok, not really: my girl was nice enough to share some of hers with me on a couple of nights, first a training day and later a recovery day.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. Following a training day: With two training sessions and a normal life in between, I'm always absolutely done by the end of these days and very rarely have trouble sleeping. However, I still like and seem to benefit from such substances as ZMA and GABA before bed - sleep is deeper, dreams are more pronounced and detailed, and I wake more alert and better rested.
    So, I was pleased to get to try X-Dreams and definitely satisfied with it's performance. It provided:
    - A light sedative effect beginning about 15-20min following ingestion.
    - Very satisfying sleep.

    I was out almost immediately and that was it. I didn't wake until the sun was shining in my face through the window. In fact, it was so rapid that I fell asleep that I can't really describe much else of my experience with it here. I felt it kick in and I was out. My fatigue from the exertion of my day contributed largely to this, but X-Dreams effects are still noteworthy.

    2. A Recovery Day: Much more relaxed and less demanding, my recovery day gave me the chance to evaluate X-Dreams under circumstances that would, hopefully, allow for more observations. This time:
    - I again felt the sedation; very relaxed, a feeling of easy contentment. It was somewhat similar to that relaxation which accompanies a glass of wine after dinner, though not nearly as satisfying to the palate.
    - Sleep was equally restorative and deep as on the training day.

    I did not fall asleep so fast, but did not have difficulty either. As with the training day, I remained asleep the night through.


    X-Dreams is an effective drug-free sleep-aid. With GABA to promote deep sleep and valerian and melatonin to help one fall asleep, it's a solid combo.

    Would I use it again? If I found I was having difficulty sleeping, certainly. However, without sleeping-troubles I will be sticking to my ZMA and GABA, as X-Dreams does not include a ZMA complex and I like that mineral supplementation.

    If getting a good night's sleep is scarce for you, X-Dreams could prove very beneficial. It knocked me out very rapidly on both my occasions of use.
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  6. Thank's for the feedback Mattikus !

    Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Okay, it didn't really save my life, but it is the best sleep aid I have used, and I've used alot. It feels so natural, unlike every other sleep aid I've ever used, including melatonin. On top of that, I never have any hangover the next day. I love this stuff. Props to IBE for saving me from endless insomnia.

    I tried the sublingual dosing style that IL suggested in somewhatgifted's log. He was right, it tastes horrid, but it hit hard and fast. I could barely keep my eyes open twenty minutes later.
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  7. Sunny's review of X-Dream

    Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    as you can tell from my log, i dosed two pills every day with three exceptions. all three of those nights were substandard sleep, or what i would consider, normal for me.

    x-dreams puts you into a deeper sleep - its not ambien which makes me feel like i'm on crack for 10 minutes, and leaves me with issues waking up. its a gradual tiredness that culminates somewhere around the 35-45 minute mark. there's no morning grogginess either.

    for 26 bucks and going OTC (less side effects, less dependency vs prescriptions), i think this is a very solid product. if you are having sleep problems like me (little things wake you up), x-dreams is distinctly worth a shot. did i mention its 1/4 the price of ambien or lunesta?

    regardless, any questions about x-dreams or anything else you feel i can answer, either PM me, or ask in this thread or my log which is attached

    X-DREAMS!!!!!!! vivid dreams await.... (SPONSORED)
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  8. http://anabolicminds.com/forum/ibe-t...were-your.html

    Check this thread for feedback too !

    EDIT: Thread is about the OLD formulation
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  9. word on the street is that X-Dream is one bad motha, for real!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jdg487 View Post
    word on the street is that X-Dream is one bad motha, for real!!
    Around these parts, screet credz is mos' important !
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  11. here's one you missed!

    Quote Originally Posted by nunes View Post
    well, I don't do reviews often but when I do its because a products its real very good or the opposite, in this case I have to say that the new x-dream its fantastic.
    I fell a sleep in 30 min after I took it and had a real good night sleep.
    I usually have a very hard time to fall asleep and I`m having some tolerance to melatonin so this was a good test to x-dream, the only thing that I have to say as a warning is, don't take it if you have to wake up very early cause man its almost impossible to get out bed but since this is not a problem to me I rate this product as a top notch

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    here's one you missed!
    Oh shizz !

    How could I have missed one posted by my main man from Portugal ??

    good find DF !
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  13. Sorry if I missed it, but when is the new version going to be available?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by cord195148 View Post
    Sorry if I missed it, but when is the new version going to be available?
    The new updated version of X-Dream is out already !!
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  15. Nutraplanet is out-of-stock. I went down your list of distributors, and it's either out-of-stock, or still the old formula.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by cord195148 View Post
    Nutraplanet is out-of-stock. I went down your list of distributors, and it's either out-of-stock, or still the old formula.
    I'll see if Steve got any word on when IBE will be getting more to NutraPlanet.
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  17. Nice thread!
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