epi cycle

  1. epi cycle

    started my cycle on monday and im not sure if im doing something wrong or if i havent given it long enough to kick in, i worked out monday and tuesday today was my off day. monday i did chest and got burnt out really quick, although i only took epi and that was only 10mg, tuesday i did back, at 20 mg with cre, ba, and a stim and my workout was great but still got burnt out quick and ive been feeling kinda lethargic...how long after starting should the effects kick in?

  2. On 20mg I noticed in 3 days: increased energy, extremely good mood, better pumps. With 20mg I only gained 3 pounds in 14 days. 30mg was the best dose for me. 10mg 3 times a day spaced evenly.

    This was with a batch of the first Epistane produced. I bought more later with the new labels and the gains were the same but I got no energy or mood boost from it. It was rumored to be contaminated with Tren. The caps had yellow specs in them. I still have 2 bottles left and want to sell them on ebay so i can buy the latest batch of Epi and see if it is the same product I used 3 years ago before all the controversy.

    Are you getting a mood boost from Epi?

  3. Give it a feel week to notice effects.
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  4. ya thats what i was thinking, today i took one when i woke up at 8, if i take 2 before workout with all my other pre wo stuff, then should i take my other one post workout?

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