IBE Neuro Balance Q

  1. IBE Neuro Balance Q

    Any thoughts on dangerous associated with combining NEuro Balance with either Alcohol or marijuana? Not to say is it a good feeling what I mean is if I consume neuro balance if I'm going on a date or something of that nature because I have some jitters and then end up drinking 1-3 hours later would it a bad idea? thanks all comments welcome

  2. I'm not associated with IBE so this is just my uninformed opinion.....but I'm always a little concerned about mixing depressants/relaxants.

    I LOVE Neuro-Balance but wouldn't mix it with alcohol just because alcohol has so many negative synergistic reactions with other compounds. As to pot, I think that would be less of a concern to me but it also seems unnecessary. If you've tried Neuro-Balance you've probably noticed that it mellows one out pretty darn good on its own.

  3. I would be more concerned with mixing marijuana since Neuro contains an inhibitory analogue of a neurotransmitter (hence the calm feeling) and marijuana contains a compound that acts on those neurotransmitters.

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