iForce Nutrition - Tropinol - THE CHAMP IS HERE!(free bottles inside!)

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  1. iForce Nutrition - Tropinol - THE CHAMP IS HERE!(free bottles inside!)

    Since the second ban of pro-hormones in 2009, the supplement industry has seen dozens of “natural testosterone boosters” that claim to do everything pro-hormones did with zero side effects. Despite massive industry hype, these products have been released and have failed miserably.
    The most popular of these testosterone boosters on the market right now, D-Aspartic-Acid, has been gaining steam due to its cheap price tag and its claim of being able to increase testosterone levels by 42% or higher in as little as 12 days. Sounds awesome, right? Well it's not.
    A 42% increase in testosterone will relate to almost nothing in terms of muscle/strength gained in the gym. Imagine a user has a testosterone level of 600(pretty average for the 21-35 year old male) and uses D-Aspartic Acid to increase his levels by the full 42%. This person is now left with a total testosterone level of 852. Now while this is a great level for your natural testosterone levels, it is still well within “normal” ranges, and will not facilitate anything besides an increase in libido level.
    To get actual results from increased testosterone, it is necessary to push your body past it's natural limits, and enter the supra-physiological levels(1500+). The only problem with this is that it's just not possible to get your testosterone levels that high without dangerous pro-hormones/steroids...

    OR IS IT?!?!

    iForce Nutrition is getting ready to release the strongest all natural product the world has ever seen. It will be the ONLY natural product that can raise testosterone levels into the supra-physiological level. That's right. It's the ONLY one. Stop wasting your time on a product that boasts a measly 42% increase in testosterone, and use one that actual works!

    This product has been in the works almost an entire year, and after countless hours spent on research and development, i-Force is confident we are years ahead of our time, and we will all see pigs flying before a stronger natural product is created.

    Why are we so excited?

    1.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to raise natural testosterone by 347%!
    2.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to reduce estrogen by 35%!
    2.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to raise natural testosterone by 80%!
    3.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to have an intensely strong correlation to high testosterone levels in the human male!
    4.) You will feel this product from your very first dose!

    So with any further ado:

    Tropinol info

    1. The key ingredient in Tropinol, Bulbine Natalensis(ProLensis TM) has been shown to increase testosterone by 347% while simultaneously reducing estrogen by 35%!

    Take a look at this graph found directly in the study:

    2. The key ingredient in Tropinol, Bulbine Natalensis(ProLensis TM) was shown to outperform the most commonly prescribed libido/erection enhancer "Viagra" in a head to head battle! Look at the results below.

    3. A complimentary ingredient in Tropinol, Basella Alba was found to raise testosterone by 80%. Check out the study yourself!

    ScienceDirect - Journal of Ethnopharmacology : Effects of aqueous extracts of Hibiscus macranthus and Basella alba in mature rat testis function*1

    4. Another complimentary ingredient in Tropinol, Vitamin D3 was found to have an incredibly strong correlation to testosterone levels in men. In a landmark study of 2300 adult men, only 11% were found to have healthy Vitamin D3 levels! Of those 11%, the participants who had higher levels of Vitamin D3 were found to have higher levels of Testosterone. The more Vitamin D3 you get, the better your natural levels will be!

    Check it out here: Vitamin D Boosts Testosterone - Progressive Health Blog

    5. Tropinol contains a small dose of Methyltheobromine(better known as Caffeine). This small dose(the same as is found in the average soft drink) is just enough to allow Tropinol to start working on the very first dose. Due to the inclusion of Methyltheobromine, when taken properly, Tropinol will help you start your day with more energy/focus as well as ramp up your workout intensity to new heights.

    Tropinol FAQ

    1. What is Tropinol?

    Tropinol is a state of the art Testosterone Activation System. This means more Testosterone, less Estrogen, and more Muscle, Size, and Strength!

    2. Who should take Tropinol?

    Both men and women over the age of 18 are perfectly safe to use Tropinol. Men are suggested to use 2 pills/day, while women should only use 1.

    3. How do I take Tropinol?

    To receive the most benefits from Tropinol, iForce Nutrition suggests to take Tropinol 2x/day. The first dose should be upon waking, with the 2nd dose mid-afternoon or 30-45 minutes prior to training.

    4. What can I expect from Tropinol?

    Users of Tropinol get expect to have the most exciting cycle of their lives. Increases in strength, libido, power, and muscle mass will come quickly. Users can expect muscle mass gains upwards of 6-9lbs, significant strength gains, reduced recovery times, as well as an incredible increase in libido.

    iForce Nutrition is looking for some loggers who wish to use the newest and strongest natural product ever created. If you are interested in receiving a free bottle of Tropinol to log, please make it known in this thread. Winners will be hand picked directly from here!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  2. Christ Vaughn! This looks amazing

    I'm down for some in depth logging. No current supplements aside from protein/creatine/multi, been off stims, too. Whatcha guys looking for dosing wise...dependent on bodyweight or 2/day pretty much across the board?

    Edit: app below!

    Basic stats: Male, 23years old, 5'8" 175lbs
    Test Booster Experience: BioForge, TestoPro, T-911, PM (beta), Animal Stak, Reversitol V2, TCF-1
    Hormone levels: Baseline, no test boosters or PH recently
    Goals: Lean Bulk the **** out of this bad boy! Please the girlfriend, gain some strength
    Training Split: M/Tu/Th/Fr split with a focus on hypertrophy and an explosive movement to start each workout
    Caloric Intake: Thinking that I will aim for 4-600 over maintenance unless the reps have a different suggestion!
    Provide Measurements, etc?: Yup, will track them and all that good stuff
    Log on Multiple Boards?: If its cool I'd log it on BB.com, too.

    I've got a drawer full of IForce products so I understand how legit they are and this is an exciting product so good luck to everyone who applies and I hope to give this a shot, too!

    Past Logs:
    -=[ZB126 Gets Swole with LG Science's subECDY!]=-
    .:[ Bustin' My Bols with E-Bol V2 ]:.

  3. GOOD STUFF, come on people jump on this!!!!


  4. I am on a test/dbol/epithio cycle right now, soon coming to an end in coming weeks..
    I would more than love to test this product and give a a lengthy detailed thread/review..
    I think it would show the true test of power and I am 90% sure that I will be getting blood work done after PCT..

    Am 180 about 11%BF, maybe 10 but will say 11.

    I lift on a body split with a lot of volume:

    Arms and deads

    My average caloric intake is 4000.

    I have heard some good things from this product type..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    GOOD STUFF, come on people jump on this!!!!
    you want a full logging app, or how should we give you guys more info?

  6. Great!

  7. Looks promising. Any studies conducted on humans; and/or blood test results from human usage? Would love to run this along Triazole.

  8. I'm in

    current goals: I am running a recomp with Chlorothoxy right now, check sig, and would love to run this in pct.
    6'2" 308
    I have been a part of this board from the beginning and was once a MOD, had to step down because of time constraints. I am a respected guy around here, and have run many logs. I give an honest review of the products I use.

    past logs
    original tester for SD
    past test boosters
    fee test
    activate xtreme
    diesel test

  9. Yes its called bulbine and its good stuff. I have a product set to come out with it very soon. Iforce is a good place and I am glad they also have a good product like this..

  10. I would def. Like to log this product?
    Why should you pick me?
    I am not on any ph or steroid and as of yet have been all natural, and I can really provide a log detailing it's natural benfits!
    I am currently taking only staples, proteins ( 3 different kinds ), multi vitamin, fishoil, flax, unflavored creatine mono, glucosamine and bcaa's
    I am cutting right now, but this could change its wind very easily and I could switch to recomp mode ! : )
    I haven't been strength training for about 2 months but I haven't lost any strength and looking foward to boost it up a little bit. This products profile looks perfect so I would love to receive a bottle and in return give you a promising log.
    My training is as of now, cardio everyday, weight training large muscle groups twice a week and smaller when needed.
    My diet looks like high protein low fat moderate carbs
    Around 4000+ calories
    Pick me lol
    5'9 - 5'10
    180 lbs
    15 - 18 % bodyfar
    Pick me lol

  11. I absolutely cherish the idea of logging this product, and to think there's a chance of logging it makes me stumbled. I love iForce and you guys provide some very killer supplements to this industry. If you pick me I would immediately begin logging this and set everything else aside that I had planned for the next 3 months. That's how much I love you guys.

    as bathrooms said, "pick me lol." BTW Nice write-up as always

  12. Im finishing up a cycle of Katandrol and have about 6 days left. and would love to use this for PCT to give everyone an idea of what this product can do during PCT.

    I logged Adipoxil for you guys a while back and loved it, i have no doubts this will be the same!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  13. when is it coming to the UK?

  14. Wow I'd love to log this stuff, I would do a very detailed log everyday consiting of diet/ cal,fat,carb,pro intake, workouts, supps, full updates and review, before and after pics.
    I have 4 weeks left of my stack, but if chosen I could cut it to 2 weeks and take a 2 week break then start this stuff. Hope I get picked, great opportunity!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  15. Definitely would love the opportunity to run a log for this phenomonal product. I used Reversitolv2 and Testobolanv2 during pct after a SD/1-T run and all went well(SHOCKINGLY SUPRISED for a OTC PCT). iForce is definitetly a force to be reckoned with and would love to give this product a go this time around after i complete my run of Super-DMZ. Just started 2nd week and will definitely be ready to indulge in another 2 weeks for pct. Think the product would copliment my pct extremely well, and would love to rep it. So what do you say VT? Can I, Can I?

  16. i'm in.. Looks interesting. I am ON cycle right now, but would log this post PCT or as part of PCT

  17. I would run an honest run of this. It would be similar to the pink magic log I did minus ending it early

  18. I would run an honest run of this. It would be similar to the pink magic log I did minus ending it early due to sickness. I track my diet almost every day so it would be easy to include my diet which will be on point. Also pictures are a must to show improvements. I would of course include pictures.

    I am a powerbuilder. I lift heavy mostly compound lifts with some isolation work. My diet is more of a bodybuilder. I am about 185-190 and 10-12% fat
    PRs bench 315x4
    Squat 475 for 1 but due to hip pains I have been focusing more on med reps for squats
    Straight leg dead lift 405 x1

    Any thing I did not address feel free to ask!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by needtogetmuscle View Post
    Yes its called bulbine and its good stuff. I have a product set to come out with it very soon. Iforce is a good place and I am glad they also have a good product like this..
    Thats interesting as well...................

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    SNS/CEL Black Friday sales

  20. wow, looks good iforce. seems to a lot of excitement for this. when is it hitting the stores? not sure i want to do a log, but would be interested in purchasing some!

  21. Making it known.
    Just completed 100g of NP DAA, this would make a nice comparison.

  22. I'm definitely in to try a bottle.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Pump Norris View Post
    wow, looks good iforce. seems to a lot of excitement for this. when is it hitting the stores? not sure i want to do a log, but would be interested in purchasing some!
    Ditto on this Vaughn??? When will it be available? And is there direct evidence that it can create "supraphysiological" levels of test? or is that only for example if you have say a basline of 700 and you increase by the 347% then you would be at like 2400????? So how does it defeat internal feedback mechanisms? It is directly stimulating the testes or is it solely increasing test by lowering estrogen and other secondary mechanisms?


  24. I have also recently ran 100g daa from nutra. I rather enjoy it.

  25. Oh wow similar to PhytoSerms 247!
    doing my own thang!


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