Whos review is this?

  1. Whos review is this?

    Product: Green Tea Extract 400mg/100caps
    From: david goldberg
    Date: Monday 15 September, 2003

    This **** ****ing sucks

    It makes me **** bricks

    **** this ****

    Rating: [1 of 5 Stars!]

    That **** had me cracking up. The first thing I saw when I logged into LG. Thats great. Poor guy . . Bricks,... Could you imagine the pain.


  2. LOL, he did that with another product too, what a jerkoff

  3. Originally posted by jweave23
    what a jerkoff
    the guy who wrote the review is proof that jerking off drives you insane.

  4. ^ keeps me sane

  5. Heh, I like your sig supa dupa



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