Official College Football Thread

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  1. Official College Football Thread

    Ok gentlemen, (and db682 ) it's time for the official college ball thread of the new season.

    Now please list any and all reasons why Penn State rules and every other team sucks goat balls.

    .......err I mean feel free to discuss how Penn State will kill Temple today and continue to bitch slap various colleges aroud the country.

    ........err, ****, I mean just talk the current games, players, and such.

  2. 1. Misouri's Defense didn't look too bad considering they have 7 new guys at various positions. Illinois' buephert or whatever his name is, looks descent, but the offense needs to catch those easy a$$ passes.

    2. WVU looked better than last year, but that still ain't sayin too much.

    3. Good luck Weave, w/o Johnson, your gonna need it.

    --Will recap after all games.

  3. That's alright though Jergo, we still have Zach Mills, Tony Johnson, and Michael Robinson...all strong players IMO

  4. Im a Homer prediciton for tonights Ohio St./Washington game.

    UW: 23
    OSU: 20


  5. PSU 23-10 over Temple...take that bitches!!

    Offense wasn't all that great, needs soem improvement IMO, but defense came out fairly strong I thought

  6. Yeah, they didn't look too bad. I think your QB has a lot of quality in 'em.

    Watching USC and Auburn right now. USC is something special for sure. All around they've got some talent. We'll see though. I just took a look at Pitt's schedule and like usual, we have hardly any competition. Something needs to be done about that.

    Lookin forward to seein the Ohio State game........

    ...........until next time...

  7. Oklahoma won't lose a game this season. Deal with it

  8. Oregon State will come runner up to USC in the Pac-10 race this year.

  9. Originally posted by jweave23
    PSU 23-10 over Temple...take that bitches!!

    Why are you bragging. This was embarassing. PSU cost me money today. How can you not cover against Temple? Long season again Pork, sorry.

  10. Foxx, you guys are coming to Tuscaloosa next week... I would hate to see you go home crying.. well not really... ROLL TIDE..
    40-17 winner this week..

  11. Damn, OSU was lookin sick still. Eventhough it was UW (sorry sage). I think they have another shot, no doubt. Where the Phuk is DB682 at? I want your take.

  12. watch laron landry, my good friend, for LSU hes a freshman and leading the defense already...he'll go pro. i like LSU and penn state. whats happening with miami this year, are they still good?

  13. UW SUCKS!! THat game last night was the most disgusting and depressing game ive ever seen.

  14. PSU did NOT look good yesterday

    I enjoyed Florida's game vs SJSU...Next week will be a test

    U Miami's defense looked good. Brock did not

    I absolutely LOVED the hit Jones from FSU did to that UNC player


  15. Sage, guess your not a homer anymore? GO BUCKS

  16. i just want to come out and say look for me on the university of floridas squad next year.. i promise you ill be there.. WR .. look for me guys

  17. Lake Mound,

    Are you currently at UF? What year? What speed

  18. I am awaiting acceptance as a transfer student from Embry-Riddle. I'll be transferring in as a sophomore but the way it looks I should be eligble for three years of football (not including 2003-2004- current season). I run a 4.4 40 and that was when my legs were weak and I wasn't training for speed ..

  19. Originally posted by sawastea
    I enjoyed Florida's game vs SJSU...Next week will be a test

    Aw man, my school (SJSU) embarrassed itself (65-3). I really like USC bro's, Pete Carroll always gets the best out his players. They didn't shut out a slouch either. I think it'll be Miami vs. USC this year. Oklahoma has too many tough games IMO to go unbeaten.

    BTW, bump if you'd like see a freakin tournament to decide who plays the championship instead of some machine. I think it's about time they ditch the BCS.

  20. Hold the applause gentlemen.
    Gators are in the house.
    65-3 is the numerical value off a good ass whipping if you ask me. Both Leak and Martin QB'ed excellant during the game. Very few screw ups and many highlight plays. Keep your eye em boyz cause there playing to win.

    As for Miami, they're ballin hard as hell to. Brock could use some work. Give him some time to adjust to the switch and team and they might possibly be playing UF in the big game.

    Sawastea hit the nail on the head in his post.
    The highlight of the FSU game came when Jones freight trained over Dexter Reid when he lowered his shoulder, knocking off Reid's helmet. It was beautiful. Very impressive game as well.

    Keep your eyes on all of the Florida boys. UF, UM, and FSU are all looking like they got the talent. All they got to do is use it and the rest of you suckers will be **** out of luck !!!

    Next Sat. will be a game definitly worth watching. Im willing to bet that there will be a couple of injuries on both sides from the intensity between these two. UF @ UM. Ive got tickets but I cant ****ing go. Aint that some ****.

    I see it like this.
    FSU - Good
    UM - Better
    UF - Best.

    Dont let the rankings fool you.


    Lake, which Riddle you attending? Not Daytona Beach are you? Ill be back up at UF in the Beginning of Summer.

  21. i WAS attending the daytona beach one doing nuclear physics pretty much but i have been in gainesville since july.. i love it up here and i PROMISE all of you that if my acceptance goes through i WILL make the team and you will see me out there.. wish me luck

  22. heh

    aeronautical university straight to UF! Sweet!!! Best of luck...

    I'll be in hogtown for the Ole Miss game, most likely at the Swamp. If you want a few brewskis, come by and we'll pimp some ladies

    DB, you're welcome to come too...

  23. Good luck at Florida Lake, they got a damm good team and the second best recruiting class last year from what I heard. BTW, what you guys think about Ron Zook ? I think he's on the seat and much is expected from him. I'd still take Spurrier over Zook any day even though some don't like Spurrier's cocky attitude

  24. I prefer Spurrier as well. Zook has alot of growing to still do before he can fill Spurriers shoes and prove that he is as good or better then him. But I do believe that he will eventually fill those shoes and make me change my mind. He's a hell of a coach and from what my friends say, they have just as much respect for him as there coach as they had for Spurrier if not more. That definitly says something about his coaching ability.

    Are you still planning on Nuc. Phys. at UF or are you thinking of switching Majors. I ask because Riddle is a much better school compared to UF for a field of that sort. I have alot of friends at Riddle and the only problem theyre having there is the Male to Female ratio (and the looks scale as well). Education wise Riddle is one of the best for Engineering and the sort programs. A switch to UF will definitly save you some money though.



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