Poll: Whould you buy a NP duffel bag?

Nutraplanet Gym Bags

  1. Nutraplanet Gym Bags

    Alright, I know T-Shirts have been highly debated recently, but I was thinking that maybe a Nutraplanet gym bag might be a more realistic product for Nutraplanet. I mean, with T-Shirts theres all sorts of things to take into consideration, size, images, colors, etc... But a Nutraplanet Duffel would be an easy thing to have made, and we ALL use duffels, whether its for the gym, or for carrying supplements, or even weekend travel.

    I was thinking just a simple black duffel with the Nutraplanet log printed on one side. Surely that wouldn't take much to have made, and sure that would sell. I know I need a new duffel bag, and I'd love to have a NP bag for the gym. What do you guys think? I'm not tossing out the t-shirt idea, but this just seems like a quick, handy product that is unisex, and I'm almost positive would sell like crazy! Yay, nay??
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  2. Free with orders!

  3. I know another site that gave these out with orders....

  4. Even a cinch bag might be cool.

  5. I actually need a new gym bag so i Definitely would support nutraplanet
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  6. Definitely!. Sorry Pmiller, I just had to be a wise ass.

  7. Gym bags would be nice.

  8. I could definately go with a new gym bag. Nothing like reppin NP out in the wild.
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  9. I'm in desperate need of a new gym bag, to carry around my clothes, shoes, and supplements. I'd definitely purchase an NP duffel bag. Say, the duffel bag would cost $25. If you spend over $25 on an order, then the duffel bag is free. I'd really like that. This seems like a more realistic approach for NP. More variety in t-shirts wouldn't be bad either, but that would just take too much time and money, especially not knowing whether or not the t-shirts would sell.

  10. im down for one


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