Fitness Geared go bye bye?

  1. Fitness Geared go bye bye?

    In my pursuit for another active board to run my mouth I registered @ fitnessgeared this morning.  I just went back a few minutes ago and I got an error saying their account has been suspended.  Did someone forget to pay the bill?

  2. looks to be so, getting same error... oppsie!

  3. theres a lot of different things goin around about FG...some say it won't be back, some say gearedup missed a payment..only time will tell

  4. It's my fav. board too. Sucks it's down or gone either way. I am looking for a new board, this one seems ok. I stick around to see what it like.

    Just keep DB off my back.....

    J/K "Tough Guy"


  5. Dont worry lock n load, your safe here.
    For now!!!



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