Kiss your OVERTIME goodbye

  1. Kiss your OVERTIME goodbye

    Kiss your OVERTIME goodbye!
    June 26 — Up to 8 million U.S. workers could lose their right to overtime pay if Bush administration rules are put in place, according to a new study released Thursday. The new proposed rules would dramatically change who qualifies as a salaried worker, and which hourly wage earners are able to collect overtime.
    THE REPORT, by the Economic Policy Institute, highlights dozens of professions that would be impacted by the new rules and argues that hundreds of thousands of workers could be moved from hourly wages to a fixed salary. It would also expand the types of work responsibilities that can be barred from overtime, and would cap a right to overtime for almost anyone earning more than $65,000 a year.
    The study’s numbers sharply contrast Labor Department estimates that 1.3 million low-wage workers would qualify for overtime under the new rules, while 640,000 professional workers would lose their potential for overtime.
    Some 2.5 million salary earners and 5.5 million hourly employees would lose their overtime, according to the estimates by the group, which is affiliated with labor unions. Some of the most impacted job types would include: mid-level supervisors such as restaurant managers or safety inspectors; professionals such as dietitians, social workers and writers; and technical specialists, such as dental hygienists, drafters or computer programmers. The report’s authors argue the new rules would lead to longer hours for most employees with minimal cost to companies.
    “That will have a big impact on their personal family budgets and also on their hours of work,” said EPI vice president and policy director Ross Eisenbray. “It’ll be more profit, but it won’t end up in worker paychecks.”
    The proposed regulatory changes, which amount to an overhaul of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, were first released last March by the Labor Department. A public comment period ends Monday, though no public hearings were scheduled. They could be implemented as soon as this fall and the administration wants them in place by next year. If so, it would be the first major overhaul of the overtime rules in nearly 30 years.
    Among those changes would be to raise the baseline salary under which all employees qualify for overtime. Right now, standards still employ a figure from 1975: Anyone earning less than $155 per week automatically qualifies. The new rules would raise that to $425 per week, or about $22,000 a year.

    You may read the rest at the above link. This is going to freakin suck mann. What business is not going to take full advantage of this crap. This is going to cause a lot of headache in the homefront for a lot of people. Along with that..there will be a higher turnover rates for a lot of companies. Whats really jacked is that Colorado has a new law where I person can be terminated from a job with no reason given at all. The more and more I think about it, once I'm done with school. I'm thinking of leaving the country.

  2. I work shift work, we used to get OT all the time. Now they mentioned some type of budget crap and the director has to ok any overtime given out. We do still get OT on holidays since our area is manned 24/7.

    If that does go into effect it would really suck. Economy is bad enogh as it is and I'm sure there will be many pissed off workers if it passes. In the end the blue collar worker always gets screwed.

    I'm with you Champ.I need to get my band back together and try my luck with that!LOL! This corperate **** is going down the pipes fast.

  3. This change to the work laws are awfully scary if you asked me. The unions are going to go nuts with this. What does the administration think this is, the 1930's.........WTF.

    If this goes into effect..........mark my words........."There Will Be Rioting In the Streets and Huge March on Washington"


  4. This bill sounds so ****ed up that it almost seems like a cover to me. I've heard sometimes they throw some crazy bill at you just to keep attention off of another one, the one that they really want passed. The govt can be some sneaky mofo's man. Later J

  5. Booh, what a ridiculous bill man. I usually get 10 hours overtime during the weekends. I won't vote for Bush again if this goes through, that's like robbing me and many other people for money we earn, not steal.

  6. Originally posted by SCORPIO
    I'm with you Champ.I need to get my band back together and try my luck with that!LOL! This corperate **** is going down the pipes fast.

    I'm waiting for the lottery.  This working thing sucks!

  7. Originally posted by NPursuit


    I'm waiting for the lottery.  This working thing sucks!
    No ****, I need to start playing the lotto!

  8. that sucks for those who need it

  9. I'm telling ya mann. I'm going to submit an application to Nino Brown if Bush get his way.

    A riot will be in full effect though in Washington if it does go through. If you work 50 or 70 hours, it shouldn't matter. A person should get paid for however many hours they work. He needs to git has [email protected]$ outta office.

    It pisses me off because I will be a fulltime student in the fall working 40 hours a week already. Its not like I'm jumping on the welfare wagon trying to get over. I'm working for mine, don't fu*K someone who is trying to better themselves.


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