In home personal training.

  1. In home personal training.

    Just wondering if any of you guys do any in home personal training. It seems like a great way to expand my business.

    I figure with a couple sets of adjustable d-bells, some therabands, tubing with handles, stability ball, couple medicine balls, and what not you can have a nice set up that is easy to take to clients homes...then you charge a nice premium. Seems like a great thing especially with summer coming so you can do some boot camp type stuff outside...

    Anyone do this?

  2. I have tinkered with this idea, but have never invested enough in equipment to try it seriously.

  3. Im thinking I may have to give this a shot here. I am going to try and purchase some very basic equipment and just be creative with things. If it starts to cath then I buy mroe stuff

    Anyone else??

  4. There's a company making benches for in-home trainers too. It's light, pretty solid and folds up with a nice handle on the saide. I think I saw it in "Power Systems" or the "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" cataloges.

    I've done home training, but it's been a few years. That bench would have been cool to have for it.

  5. I see it here in my power systems catalog. $250 bucks, but it looks like it would work perfect. It comes with a t-bar, v-strap, and 4 handles and has like 18 different bands in the unit for variable resistance. That bench is cool!

  6. That should work pretty good for lugging in and out of peoples houses. If memory serves, it wasn't too heavy either?

  7. The liability insurance involved will triple from my current provider.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  8. Triple??! WOW! I better check my coverage now to see if it will work for me...

  9. sorry...I mis-read. I thought you meant in-home as in "they come to a studio at your home"
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  10. I had a studio for eight years in MN, I was charged the same as any kind of fitness club. Was just based on square footage. If I remember correctly, it was about $2000/yr. Although the studio wasn't in my home, it was a lease space in a strip mall. Not sure if that wold have made a difference vs. something in my house.


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