1. Angry Hernia?!?!

    i finally got my diet,training,supps in order and yesterday i discovered some swollen lump formed near groin...
    im not sure if it is a hernia but i wanted to know what others think and what are your experiences with them?
    -it is a small oval/round shape and fairly hard
    -it does not really hurt or bother me and only feels irritating/small pain when i push it
    - it does not push in or out and it is near the pubic bone where the leg meets the pelvis- about an inch below the V shaped ab muscle and closer to the middle
    -i do alot of ab and weigted inversion exercises for the abdomen as well
    what do you guys think? i hope i dont need surgery

  2. i would highly recommend to go with your doctor to check that out, it doesnt seem normal. Sorry i couldnt be of any help

  3. yeah thanks neways dude
    i just wanted to know what people think it could be
    possibly a swollen lymph node? or worse...a hernia....

  4. Might be a little lipid deposit. Ive got a few of those.
    Regardless go see your doctor.

  5. can you tell me a little more about lipid deposits
    what causes them and how do they look/feel
    i hope thats wat it is

  6. I went to the doctor for a similar thing, Small round firm lump under skin on my stomach and back. Only hurts when pressed, besides that no big deal. They are harmless and are more obvious when you reach lower bodyfat.


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