Whats up, from Nashville

  1. Whats up, from Nashville

    Just got this sites link froma buddy of mine, since I dont like another poplar site...

    Anyways, Im glad to be here and hope to pick up a few things while Im here.. Ive been lifting for over 10 years, and have really gotten back into the weights lately.. Wife and kid can really cut into your time...LOL

  2. Glad you were able to find the site psycho!

    I'm sure you'll have plenty of new reading material here.

  3. thanks Bud.... I didnt expect to see you on here so soon...LOL

    Later man

  4. Hello psycho, welcome to AM bro We definitely have enough reading material to keep you busy like ILoco said. Good luck with your program and we'll help you out if you need some help

  5. I wouldnt mind a little help with a good fat cutting supplement.. I have gotten back into the weights real good and started running to kill some unwanted fat, but I know it will be a long process for the most part.

  6. What gym in nashville do you go to? I am at the Delta...


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