How long does it take to get it back?

  1. How long does it take to get it back?

    Well everything was going great in the lifting/bodybuilding area. I was the biggest and strongest I had ever been, 6'2", 242 and still had abs.

    The October 7th I woke up at 4 am in the mourning and couldnt hardly breathe and my chest felt so heavy...had to go to ER and then the tranferred me to a different hospital. Turns out it was pericarditis, an inflammation of the ouotter heart sac. They start asking me about any drugs, supplements, steroids...ect... I told them I took phera-plex which is a oral steroid for 4 weeks and I just finished it earlier that week. The heart doctor immediately started flipping out and immediately pinpointed that as the cause of my inflammation.

    They got blood tests and it showed that the heart was stressed, and he also said my cholesterol seemed off and my liver enzymes as well. Just what I expected after coming off of Phera.

    So I am in the hospital for 4 days, eating like **** of course. I have a fever (up to 103) that kept coming and going and my throat was sore so it was hard to eat. Headache and nausea as well. (never threw up though) It felt like I had the effin flu! Anyways the do some tests to see if it was strep throat or a bacterial infection...nope. They just said that a virus caused it since I have other symptoms common of a viral infection......but the "juice" didnt help and that could have been a big contributing factor. So I go home with the docs orders of not taking any creatine, protein, or fish oil, and no "juice", lay off the "juice".

    So I was in the hospital Saturday thru Tuesday. I get home Tues. and rest. Rest all day wed as well. Thursday I am feeling pretty good and eating the best I can. Throat is still sore and I am living on lozenges. Friday I am about the same. Saturday I wake up and can barely talk, throat is killing me. I only have a glass of milk and a glass of water all day.....razors blades to swallow anything!!!! Sunday I dont have anything. Monday, back in the hospital, IV's to get some fluid in me and some scrips for some tylenol 3 w/ codene. So monday afternoon I eat some soft foods and can drink a little water. Tuesday I am about the same. Wednesday I am feeling even worse so I go to the doc again and he was like, yep, the viral infection is in your throat now, they tested for mono and it was not that. He gave me some more meds, pregnosone (spell?) and some numbing gel for the throat so I can eat. Well that worked for wednesday and I ate what I could wednesday. Well thursday I only ate about 800 cals worth and so far today I have had a glass of milk, some yogurt and some water. I estimate I have had about 1,000 cals a day for the past week, and the sh!tty part is I am not really getting any better. I am just wasting away.

    Sorry for the long rant, I mean, I have been dead on dedicated since February to being the best that I can be. I still have fun when I can, but I have sacrificed so die-hards know what i am talking about.....I sacrificed so much and now it is all gone in 2 weeks. I weighed myself today and was 216. I have lost almost 30 pounds in 2 weeks. I know that a lot of it is water weight without a doubt, but still.....

    If anyone has gone through something like this, how long till you got back to where you were at before you got messed up? Does it come back fairly quick. I am happy to just be alive, but I mean, I am soooo depressed right now. Everything I worked so hard for and I was really happy with everything, then this happened and I have missed a ton of college and my throat is still ****ed! I just want to be back to where I was 2 weeks ago.

    Thanks all


  2. Ryan, I know how you feel. I got sick late last year. I had horrible headaches and a fever. It got a little bit better, and then my throat started acting up and go progressively worse as the week went on. My throat had almost swollen completely shut. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with tonsilitis. I was given the same corticosteroid as you (not even gonna try to spell it ) to try and bring the inflamation down and antibiotics to treat it. My bodyweight dropped from 245 to 229 in two weeks because I couldn't eat anything. After I healed up and was able to eat again, the weight came back on. Then in a few weeks (2-4) I was back at 245 again. It'll all come back, just heal up, eat, and you should be fine.

  3. I had to suffer the downtime like you and gained it back pretty quickly but I wouldn't mess around with something like heart inflammation. Not that I know anything about what you have but when coming back I would take your time and do it all natURal! Slooowly and steady so you don't risk being right back where you're at feeling even more depressed.

    On another note. Doctors maybe quick to blame everything on supps and steroids but we are all too often not willing to accept that something we are taking is actually causing the problem.

    Bottom line is I hope you feel better and get back to 100%. Health has to last you a lifetime.

  4. funny thing after i tried the legal gear M1p, masterdrol stack In november, I had tonsilitis and fever 3 times thru till february, i got hit in the throat in football and infection got in. Since ive been off PH I (knock on wood) havent been sick for months. what were your doses oh phera, maybe it was too much?
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    i broke my arm earlier this year and lost 30lbs...sucked, however, it comes back quickly, so keep your head up.

  6. Thanks fellas. I actually stacked phera with prostan. started with 20 mg phera and 150 mg prostans. At week 2 I bumped it to 30mg phera and stayed the same with the prostan. Only sides were some minor acne on the shoulders and some lower back pumps the last week after doing heavy squats and deads. I was up about 12 pounds with no gain in b/f. My diet was super spot on as was the training. Too bad I didnt keep any of it.....oh well, i am alive i guess.........


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