I'm really tired of..

  1. I'm really tired of..

    a skinny 150 lb kid coming up to me talking crap and not really but at the firehouse we've got this kid that's 150 lbs 21 y/o and he's like "yeah I wish I could gain weight but I never can. I just eat and eat and eat" then I watched him work out. He did......... 3 seated military presses with 2 dumbbells at 30 lbs. Then he did 3 (20 lbs per side) sets of cable excercises for his pecs. Then he put 135 on the bench did 3 sets there. Went to the kitchen grabbed a mott's apple sauce pack and then vault soda ate it drank it. Then went to sleep. I'm seriously going to strangle the next person that says they can't gain weight, and yet they eat all the time. SURE ectomorphs, but even they at 6,000 calories a day can gain weight. You should see what he thinks is a big meal. A bowl of rice. White Rice mind you. With a little soy sauce.

    Maybe it's just the TRN/Zol thing but I don't usually get very irritated on ZOL and I'm not sure what TRNs sides are for irritation but I know SD can make me slightly cranky but I usually feel good. So it must just be a pet peeve.

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    just smile and nod at these people...

  3. feel better now? maybe you should give him a sample diet for a day and see what he thinks?

  4. haha when people tell me they eat like "monsters" and can't gain weight, I send them the link to my fitday journal.

  5. ive already written stuff out for him. workouts. showed him articles he just says okay. some people are just not physical. although he is in a physical job. he says he wants to be a cook but never cooks. anyways. I have tried to help him with his diet as he does get picked on alot by a few guys at the firehouse.
    but 1 can only help 1's self.

    cable ur fitday journal looks like how I ate when I was bulking on SD.

  6. I try to ignore any talking at the gym at all costs, it only leads to my workout losing edge or me getting annoyed.


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