Heart Rate Monitors

  1. Heart Rate Monitors

    I recently lost my normal digital watch that I use at the gym and have recently been contemplating just buying a heart rate monitor for cardio convience. Now that I lost my other watch I have no reason not to just get one

    Now I was wondering if anyone here had one and could offer its effectivness. I have seen some at sports authority and other online retailers that are rebbok brands or simliar that I am weary about but they are much cheaper than the higher quality ones like polar (but these are damn expensive)

    can anyone offer up one that they have used or heard good things about? Ideally I am looking for one with a hr monitor and watch/timer.

  2. I think they are very effective. Helps you keep within the specific range to efficiently train your cardiovascular system. I used one for eight years while in the military and purchased my own when I got out. The one I have you can download to your computer to monitor your training progress and the program helps you train more efficiently.

  3. lol what monitor are you using?

    Right now I am leaning towards the Polar Polar S120

    Idealy I wanted to get the Polar S625X but that one is like 225-300 dollars lol

  4. I FREAKING Love mine I have the Polar F6 it does the job great!

  5. Polar will be the brand for sure as it seems the top of the line brand. s120 and f6 are top choices s of now. Ebay bid I am in right now will determine rest for right now lol

  6. I like the polar brand.

    The one I have I can download my workout from my computer into the watch and then upload it to the computer when I have finished the workout.

    BTW this isn't for weight lifting lol I do triathlons.

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  7. Yea Polar is my best bet. I thin the S120 is where I want to go since it will give me the hr which I really need for those morning runs instead of driving to the damn gym for cardio, and then willa lso serve with a stop watch for in between sets.

    Someones trying to outbid me right now so Im gonna have to work some magic


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