is it snowing where you live? and how much?

  1. is it snowing where you live? and how much?

  2. In Salt Lake City we got like eight inches a couple days ago, its melting but not very fast. Its been like mid thirty's for the high the last week.

  3. Sweet im up in park city we have a ton of snow.

  4. Are close to the resort.
    Whenever im driving to resorts to go boarding it always blows me away when i see all the houses with like four feet of snow in there yards at the start of the season.
    is that the case for you?

  5. In Colorado Springs and we got maybe 4 inches or so last week depending on what part of town you live. It's not melting very fast here, either, considering it's usually gone in a day or two.

  6. I'm just north of SIoux City, Iowa in South Dakota and we had 6-8 inches last week. It's been melting over the last couple of days, but more snow is coming this week. I'll take the snow over the cold though. We were 12 below zero at one point last week.
  7. tattoopierced1
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    we got close to 4 inches in Southern Indiana


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