Poll: What meathod do you use for removing body hair?

Hair Removal

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  1. Question Hair Removal

    Curious as to the meathod others use to remove leg/arm/chest hair. I've been considering doing my legs, especially with my up coming PH cycle, and would like to see what the common meathod is.

  2. dunno, I never minded shaving, I hear Nair works pretty well and smells pretty funky, and waxing would make me feel like a vagina I think (not that there's anything wrong with that )... more opinions!

  3. i think waxing is the best by far as long as u got the testes to deal with the pain. especially if it for transdermal application sites, cuz u can prolly do the whole cycle with only waxing once maybe twice.

    unless u are talkin about your **** and balls/armpits, in that case i say electric trimmers are where its at.

  4. Originally posted by Biggin
    waxing would make me feel like a vagina
    hmm... i waxed my inner thighs because i felt like a *** shavin my legs all the time. i donno if it is just me but a guy shavin his legs seems about as queer as it gets.

  5. honestly, i shave my quads when im using the transdermals....quads only too..haha.....just the area of application.....

    i mean im not one to wear speedos, so i really don't care that the only part of my legs without hair are the quads.


  6. Trimmer/ clipper is the way to go. The shaving always left my skin feeling weird and I had to do it to often.....didn't like it much. I ended up using a trimmer, on the lowest setting.....trims everything just right. No itching, razor burn ect. Not completely smooth, but not hairy either.

  7. yeah i dont bic it, i use a trimmer myself..

  8. I use nair on areas that I dont want to get high-powered cutters near
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  9. i tend to only shave chest and lower abs. Using razor first, and if needed, nair type removal. Sage

  10. Ahh the joys of not being a hairy bastard.

  11. Originally posted by NPursuit
    Ahh the joys of not being a hairy bastard.
    tell me about it! Thankfully I'm no sasquatch, much easier for me

  12. I used nair on my chest and it burned my nips up bad. Never again! I just shave and have no problems now.

  13. I used nair on my thigh when i had to get acl surgery, did it once and it was fine, did it again the next night (before surgery) and it was the most painful thing of the whole surgery!!!!! Worst was when the doc drew on my leg with a felt to mark which one he was gonna operate on, my god that was painful!!

  14. Wow, forgot about this old thread. In the end I just ended up shaving with a razor. Felt a bit like a fairy shaving my legs the first time, that and it took forever, but now it's pretty easy to maintain.

  15. We used to make fun of one of our football coaches for shaving his legs, now we all do when using transdermals, damn hypocrits hehe.

  16. its all about the wax... shaving is the worst.. u have to do it all the time and even the day after you do it it does not feel smooth..

  17. Yeah, my g/f keeps complaining my legs are prickly and she keeps thinking she's in bed with a girl.... hmm, that could have an upside.

    KC, love the new AV man, it's you.

  18. Originally posted by Draven
    Yeah, my g/f keeps complaining my legs are prickly and she keeps thinking she's in bed with a girl.... hmm, that could have an upside.
    Definately could have an upside, why don't all women like others in a sexual way
    Originally posted by Draven

    KC, love the new AV man, it's you.
    Thanks man, took me forever to find one, but got it from this site http://www.animationfactory.com/
  19. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    I wax my chest and it hurts like a bitch, I sometimes bleed. I shave everything else. Never tried my legs though. I will plan on doing that when I use the transdermal. Draven, do you shave your legs every week and do you use a soap or shaving cream. Wow I feel really weird now talking like a chick...and I always said chicks have nothig to talk about :P

    ps: Dravn u alwaus start interesting threads

  20. I shave everything and I use trimmers on the "little general". I figure if my woman can shave it all, I can atleast trim it up for her.

    I shave every bodypart once a week except for face and head and that is done everyday, after about a year of doing it you get it down to a science and it only takes about 5 minutes then.

  21. AlexParty
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    iiiinnnteresting, I shall come up with my own science

  22. I'm pretty good being hairy in most places...legs...arms...head... face...I only shave my chest when I'm on a cycle...and that is annoying because of all the shaving induced crap...acne...razor burn...blah

  23. I run unshaven like a child of the forest
  24. AlexParty
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    Hmmm, Do you guys shave slow? With what kind of razor? I always get red pimples after shaving. How do I lessen the irratation?

  25. Originally posted by Nicolai

    hmm... i waxed my inner thighs because i felt like a *** shavin my legs all the time. i donno if it is just me but a guy shavin his legs seems about as queer as it gets.
    Hey what's up everyone, been really busy with work lately, I'll have to do an update on my T1final cycle.

    Funny, this is exactly what I was thinking just this morning, that maybe I should shave my legs and my forearms for diff places to put the lotion. I'm getting little red bumps on my chest/shoulders/upper back so I've been putting it on my lower back and thighs lately, but I need new spots. I was thinking about trying that Jan Tana stuff (Bow's post) cuz shaving my legs feels ****in gay and I don't want to have to get waxed. Anyone else tried this stuff? I've heard Nair burns but was thinking about trying it till I read this thread (thanks).

    KC, I thought the new av was ****in cool **** too!

  26. MACH 3
    No other razor touches this cleanly shaven bod

  27. Originally posted by quasar

    shaving my legs feels ****in gay and I don't want to have to get waxed
    i was the same way when i did my t1pro... just go to any drug store and buy nair wax.. it is like 8 canadian dollars and does a nice job. in fact i am about to do my chest with it rite now.
  28. AlexParty
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    Once you shave your whatever, legs, chest, arms, do you maintain once a week? Also do you use shaving cream or soap??

  29. Dammmmmmmmn, the one time I tried waxing it hurt so bad I literally saw stars! I figured it'd be no damn good to be found passed out in my bathroom, hehe. I shave my chest/stomach/arms/legs for transdermal usage using a shaving lotion made by tend skin, the stuff is awesome for shaving body hair as it creates a nice friction free shaving surface. Normally though I just use a beard trimmer for clipping the body hair down to manageable levels, shaving takes too long to make a regular habit out of it.

  30. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater
    I run unshaven like a child of the forest
    Amen brother. No razor touches this man's chest or legs.


  31. It does seem Gay shaving but I have been doing it so long I don't even give it a second thought....The best way at least for me is first I use my Hair cutter you know the one's a barber uses when your getting a jar head haircut..Use no attachment and use it on your legs,arms and chest,Then use a Mach 3 razor and shave the rest.It is important to use a vitamin E cream ur sumpin right after.This will ensure no razor burn or itch later....I give my wife advice on how to do it she freaks....LOL Bodybuilding what a sport...

  32. I've been having my arms and back waxed for about 9 months. I go once every 3 weeks or so. The great thing is that I have noticed a very significant change in the thickness of the hair regrowth. It simply comes in much sparser and much more fine now. I started noticing this after the 4th or 5th wax (2 or 3 months). At this rate, I estimate another 6 months or so and it will be very fine, maybe only needing waxing every 4 to 6 weeks or something. Eventually, it may be fine enough to just be like velum (sp?) hairs and not need it at all. It also hurts far less than when I started, since the hair is so much finer now. In my opinion, it is the best method of hair removal, because unlike shaving it takes much longer to grow back, since the hair is pulled out from the bulb and it is not nearly as prickly when it does because the tip of the hair hasn't been squared off like with shaving. It's pretty cheap. I get charged $50 a pop, which is not bad every three weeks. It has the added benefit of diminishing hair regrowth in the longterm, which shaving does not do. Sometimes my skin breaks out in bumps for a day or two after waxing, but that has also gotten much better.

  33. maybe I'm just a PUSS, but I bought the nair sugar wax kit, I tried it on my belly at work the other night and almost jumped outa my chair man! that **** hurts!! well, I am a bit of a sasquatch, but jeez man, felt like I was ripping layers of skin off with it. I had to have my work out partner grab the cloth strips and wait till I was all phsyched up and then he would give em a yank. I would let out a squeal and he laugh his ass off!! he almost pissed his pants laughing at me. well, we kept trying as long as I could stand it and we got about a quarter of my chest done. two days later I decided to grow a set of nuts and try to do it myslef at home. I got the wax a hell of alot hotter and it seemed to work a little better but still, mighty painful, and a lot of little bloody drips all over. damn, I have to say that I now give women a little more respect for that silky smooth bikini line thing, because there is no damn way any of that crap is goin near my boys. no fricken way!

  34. Having yourself professionally waxed, while certainly NOT pain free, is more bearable than sugar "waxing"... especially if done by somebody inexpert in their technique. I've tried both.

    The professional grade waxes simply work better than sugaring. Part of this is due to the wax itself (which is not sold to the general public) and party of this is due to the skill of the waxer. Absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. They are more effective at pulling the hairs from the root while causing correspondingly less skin irritation and pain.

    The best part is that every time you go, the hair regrowth gets sparser and sparser and the pain gets less and less.

    For example, I *was* pretty hairy on my back. No longer. The regrowth is significantly slower, finer, and much less painful to rip than it was when I started this. I lift, and eat right, for many reasons. One of them is appearance. Heck, waxing VASTLY improves my appearance, and unlike shaving (which squares off the hair at the follicle, thus causing the regrowth to FEEL more bristly) it doesn't grow back bristly. My only regret (I sound like an infomercial) is that I waited this long.

    Give a professional a try before you turn yourself off to waxing. Also, nothing says you can't take an NSAID before you go to waxing. That dulls the sensation a bit.

    As for the bikini wax thang, I HEARTILY agree. Props to the grrrls for going through that torture. No problemo trimming, but I aint waxing there.

  35. I've yet to wax but have been mildly curious about it. My wife got her bikini line done and came home in tears. She's tougher than me pain-wise so I think I'll pass on that technique in that region.

    I've used Nair for my shoulders, chest and belly beofre and it works OK. It's kind of an exact science for application, waiting 4.5 minutes and smearing it off. I can see where it has great potential to irritate sensitive skin and one can eaily **** up and burn one's self.

    All in all the trimmer is my main weapon.

  36. i was a big trimmer fan, but i'm telling you being REALLY smooth is kewl. i like my chest hair (as does an important female person) so i won't wax that, but i think that back hair is one of those things that a woman may SAY (it doesn't bother me) but that is one those white lies. blech. and the shoulder/arm hair creates an appearance of muscle softness. waxing it improves the appearance imo

    it is really great to see the hair coming in SO much finer and sparser. i feel like i paid my dues (just like in weighttraining) and now i am reaping the benefits. it's a commitment. $50 every three weeks (and 1 hour of relative pain) for about a year or more to see a hyoooge reduction in hair growth. i'm at about 6-8 months or so and it's already getting very noticeably sparse. that's worth it to me. interestingly, the endorphins do kick in after the first several minutes, and it is not excruciating by any stretch of the imagination. considering how much thicker the pubic hairs are, and how much more sensitive the mons pubis is, i can imagine that waxing the bikini area is factors of magnitude more painful. tell your wife that it's ok to cry. she's braver in that respect that i am., not that i would even WANT to be smooth there. and women, in general DO have higher pain tolerance.

  37. im a hairy gorila, i have the thickest air ever. i tried nair and the **** burned my body and didnt remove a single hair. i tried waxing, and believe it or not. i didnt work, it didnt remove any hair . only thing works for me is shaving, but its a problem for me since i have a very sensitive skin, and shaving iriratates my skin.

  38. update. it's now been over a year of waxing. i used to get waxed every 2-3 weeks.

    now, i get waxed every 3-4 weeks. the hair on my back is almost completely gone. i was pretty darn hairy back there, and now i have only very fine and light colored hairs. totally amazing difference. my forearm hair is a bit more stubborn, but is still WAY more sparse.

    it works. over the last year or so, i probably had around 18 waxes or so, at $50 a pop (which is a really good price for back, shoulders, and arms).

    that is $900. and maybe 20-25 hours of discomfort total.

    worth it? absolutely. 100%.

    we weightlift because we want to upset homeostasis, the status quo, and the ordinary. i feel waxing is part of that - for me. it makes a radical difference in appearance, in self confidence. hairy backs suck. period

    many genetic things you can't do jack about. if you are short or tall, for instance. but this is one thing you can change. permanently. shaving grows back quickly, and stubbly (since the hair is cut horizontally across the shaft, it makes it feel brittle and stiff). waxing works.

    i used ot have a hairy back. now, i don't.

    well worth it.

  39. Anybody try the Nair for Men?? I used my gf's nair in the past & got chem burns from H*ll. Took 2 weeks to heal. Now I just trimmer & Mach 3 the chest, stomach & the boys. Sounds sissy but the ladies love it. My girlfriend will go down 2-3 times a night ever since I started shaving. Well worth the effort.

  40. Quote Originally Posted by mit
    Amen brother. No razor touches this man's chest or legs.

    The only thing with shaving it grows thicker and darker,I have not tried waxing but I heard that there is something to numb the skin.


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