O/T...Job...quick rant....

  1. O/T...Job...quick rant....

    Well, I have a feeling I may be losing my job soon.

    My boss is losing customers in his nutrition store (which charges $45 per 4lbs of protein) and he just can't figure it out--gee...maybe internet + vitamin shoppe == gettin' ur ass kicked, huh?

    He thinks my sales suck because he only sees the bottom line, when the problem is he has a business where approximatley 10 people are walking in per DAY! I'm averaging almost $100 per person in junk supplements!! How many of you would actually buy $100 worth of **** that will last you a month unless the guy up front was mighty convincing? I sure as hell wouldn't....I still don't spend that much on supps. Maybe 30-40/month on protein, tops.

    Weekends at my work are always slow. I average probably closer to 8 people per day. Weekday "have been" faster, 15-30ppl/day, but I normally only work weekends. Well, I started working weekdays during back to school week while gas topped $2.79/gallon and nobody showed up so my weekday numbers sucked, too! Conveniently, he doesn't notice that his personal numbers are as bad as mine because "nobody is coming", so instead of accepting the immenent truth, he needs a scapegoat and unfortunately, I am that guy I've seen 2 other people in my position get fired over the past few months as our customer base continued to decline, so I guess I'm not special

    Anyway, this is giong to put a kink into things b/c I neeeeeed to eaaaat! And, no money == no food. So, needless to say, i'm a bit stressed and bumbed.

    Time to go job-hunting before I'm officially booted.

    edit: As you can see by my smiley usage, I've got mixed emotions right now.... <---- see?

  2. The internet makes it tough on all companies. I would personally rather pay $5 shipping than go to a store and look for what I need for a decent price. Hell, I've even started buying my clothes online.

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