liquid solutions

  1. liquid solutions

    Hey can anybody tell me if liquid-solutions is still in business cuz i heard they got busted. Is this true?

  2. why there isn't anything you need to be buying from the at your age

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  4. lol yea well that sux cuz i started already im 18 i am doing fine

  5. but you won't be around here.. read the board rules ASAP

  6. awe yea my fault wont happen again but i cant pm or anything so its kinda hard

  7. well you can do a donation and you can PM but for real, you really need to reexamine what you are doing to yourself..

  8. im goin to do 2-3 cycles max ik it doesnt take much but i have thought hard on it and researched alot

  9. then why don't you wait till your nautral test is not at its highest peak during your life?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    then why don't you wait till your nautral test is not at its highest peak during your life?
    Because he's a dumbass.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    Because he's a dumbass.
    you must not have read where he 'researched alot'

  12. yea dumbasses i ****in thought about and did research on anabolics for a year i think i know wat im talkin about **** u guys man its my body y the **** u....u guys care

  13. everyone is just jealous because we're young and our test levels are high. but seriously, there's a reason why these guys say this. no reason to get mad at them.

  14. Not reading the board rules and disrespecting existing members?

    Give me a B
    Give me an A
    Give me an N

    Whats that spell? BAN!

  15. Nice having around for the day or so.. hope you next stay will be longer and more productive.. night


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