favorite reason

  1. favorite reason

    whats everyone's favorite aspect about bodybuilding/working out. for example: feelin' during/after, looking better, feeling better, health reasons...etc)

  2. Being touched, looked at, admired by the opposite gender

  3. Originally posted by bigbadboss101
    Being touched, looked at, admired by the opposite gender

    That about summs it up...and of course the ability to beat the **** out of the same gender
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. ya, i was about to type that in as some of the choices in the original thread but didnt want to sound shallow or have the wrong goals for bodybuilding. mine for sure is looking good for the female gender....close second being self confidence (umm...which actually relates to the the first)

  5. I've become addicted to the feeling of doing reps with (what I consider at this time to be) heavy weights. Pushing my body to it's limit and have it respond by becoming better than it has ever been.


  6. One day.... when I take off my shirt in public - and I wanna hear people say "DAYUM !!"

    It's all about self-confidence for most of us I think - that's the addiction with bodybuilding - if your physique starts diminshing, so does your self-confidence, hence your back at the gym again.... and the vicious cycle continues ! It's all worth it I feel - especially when people compliment you. You know your hard work is paying off.

    Cheers !

  7. my reason is so when i take my shirt off everyone looks and feals bad about the way they look . or for the punks who walk around with there chest bowed out and when they take their shirts off they think they are big but have bird chest and then they see me and are trying to get away so that they are not seen around me so that they can get to feeling good about hem selves again . i also like the feeling of just knowing that i don't have a gut . and for the last reason would be just for the fact of seeing my self changing and knowing from what i started at and know how many people could do it but don't and that makes me fell better knowing that i could come it to this thing and not half ass it like most people .

  8. RIC, Shady. good ones. some may not admit it, but i think thats probably everyones desire deep down
  9. Lightbulb A little bit about me...

    Originally posted by sage
    RIC, Shady. good ones. some may not admit it, but i think thats probably everyones desire deep down
    ya know...I was thinking about it...and... well...

    Little autobiography by the LG....

    Ever since I was smaller (like 6-7 years old) I was made fun of because I studder. My own friends even make fun of me up to this day...

    ...And also up until 8-9th grade I was chubby, not fat, just chubs...and I started to lift in 10th grade partly because the Marine Corps Leadership summer camp I went through that previous summer (between 9th and 10th grade).  Also partly because I was sick and tired of people making fun of me for:

    1.wanting to be a United States Marine

    2.my speech impediment (studdering)

    3.my overall lack of fitness.

    And there were times when people around me would make fun of me for lifting too.  It was almost enough to make me stop...but I perciviered (spell?). 

    Then came my Junior year and my research paper on "The State of Research on Creatine Monohydrate." and thats were it [supplement knowledge] all began. So you could say that I know about creatine and other supplement to use with it to create synergistic effects.  My junior year was also the frist time I used creatine...I went off it...lost all gains....decided that the Weider Dynamic Muscle Builder (whey and carbs MRP) was the same thing...was I ever so wrong...from that point on I was on a mission to find everything out I could about every supplement on the market. 

    End of Senior Year, I had gained a total of about 40#s of muscle and the attention of everybody that had ever made fun of me...they were jealous bastards...they stayed the same...and I had become the "friendley neighborhood Steroid man" as so the German Exchange Student, Albert, called me (because I wore a Superman shirt with the "S" logo in the center chest)...

    My nicknames were (and still are) Captain America, Superman, Marine Guy...etc.

    What I never got was why people made fun of me....I was not mean back to them, ever...no matter how bad the teasing was.   Oh well, that's why there is a word "*******" and that is the term that I give to all of them "*******".

    Now you know a little more about the LG.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  10. good to know LG. feel like ive known yall since back in the day.

  11. That's another reason why LG is smarter than me, He didn't wait until his sophmore year of college to get his ass into shape... *kicks self hard in the ass multiple times*


  12. Short-term: Im with yall on this one, im young, i want to get the "jealousy" and damn! feelings about me and wish people would of worked out to look at me

    Long-term: I wont care about others when im married with kids, so im also doing it for my health and staying in shape.


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