Where do you shop for atheletic fitted clothes (mostly shirts)?

  1. Where do you shop for atheletic fitted clothes (mostly shirts)?

    I'm not by any means HUGE, but have a 32 in waist and broad shoulders, chest and back from lifting for 5 years. Now when I shop for shirts (polo shirts, t-shirts, dress shirts) they never fit....always tight in the chest and loose and billowing around the guts...makes me look fat! <sniffle> <sniffle>
    Anybody know a chain that has good tapered shirts that aren't aimed towards couch potatoes?


  2. tattoopierced1
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    Express makes some fitted shirts like the MX series and some of their other shirts are tapered as well.

  3. For dress shirts, I have used www.bestcustomshirt.com
    The dress shirts are more expensive then the ones you will find in a regular mall store but they are custom made to your specifications. I have a similar problem as you, all my dress shirts used to be tight in the neck and chest and way too big in the waist. Good quality shirts.

  4. Or for work out shirts....Under Armour...makes a great girls line as well

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