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    Hey guys, came across many site in referance to anabolics and out of the many found this one to suit me quite well as it seems very userfriendly, and BOAT LOADS of soild info. My stats right now are 6ft, 211, natural. Never done any anabolics but i've been at a hault as far as mass gains, strength...has be better but i've had a few injurys since my 505 squat max at 198lbs . I currently have two hurniated discs in my lower back, one on the left, one on the right and they are going in oppisite directions. I took a break from powerlifting for 3 months befor squating again and i'm finally back over 315lbs. FINALLY. I'm currently doing a DoggCrapp rutine, and i grapple 4 days a week 1 1/2 half to two hours a day. I'm 21 will be 22 in june. I've pretty much made up my mind to do atleast a few months research(this is my 2nd month) on anabolics to decide if its for me, and right now i'm currently leaning toward the YES, as my blood work is fine in all areas(had it checked two weeks ago), and also would like to bulk up to around a LEAN 215, my diet right now is high in cal. but clean cal. i very rarely let my self cheat, and most(depending if i'm training that day) of my carbs come from complex sources, and fats from Flax oil(about 4table spoons a day). protein is anywhere from 3-500 a day depending if i'm home or not. Befor i started lifting i was a fat 252lbs(when i was 14) i've been lifting serious for the past 4 year, and started 7 years ago. Any feed back from you guys on my posts from here on out would be highly appreceated, along with constructive critisicem. Thanks for taking the time to read my long intro, I look foward to speaking with all of you.

  2. unlike half the kids that have joined over the past few months you sound like you know your **** and you make wise decisions, good to have you here

  3. Thanks bro. I started off actually the oppisite of most, I was obsessed with working legs and back, lol so I guess thats where I get it from. And pluss I learned durring my first wrestling season that Lean mass+Conditioning+Strength/Power gives an undenyable edge lol(duh), theres only one way to

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