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favorite bodybuilder of all time

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  1. dorian - hands down, no question for me. His intensity, intelligence, and mental toughness were far above his fellow competitors at the time. He certainly - at least for me - is the most inspirational bodybuilder of all time.

  2. Greg is mine

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by thehawk23
    dorian - hands down, no question for me. His intensity, intelligence, and mental toughness were far above his fellow competitors at the time. He certainly - at least for me - is the most inspirational bodybuilder of all time.
    Definitely. He was a machine. His books and training videos motivated me more than anything else.

  4. Holy **** jarhead. You're huge !

  5. Markus Ruhl. Even thought his symetry and what not are not the best, he's got crazy mass.

  6. Dorian Yates is my fav... and most inspiring.. however there is this guy at my gym (Jim Swanson) who is also very awesome and inspiring.

    he was like illinois super heavyweight champ.. he is very ripped.

  7. Bob Paris……

    From the list I’m torn between Ray and Yates.

    Apples and oranges I know but I love both of those builds.

    Yates is just hard core though… have to go with him.

  8. i would have to say arnold because i liked him ever since i was a kid. but seeing some old pics of frank zane he is a close second.

  9. I always liked Gunter Schlierkamp...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    I have been an Arnold fan since I was a small child, so Arnold gets my vote.


    I'm the same, love the Governator, I know he may not have the best this or that but I still like him. Can't stop him, "I'm the Turmenatur." "Get Daauwn!"

    Gotta love him.

  11. Tom Prince so underrated.

  12. You gotta look at it in 2 ways.

    1)Whos got the best physique.
    If I was stepping on stage I would want to look like Yates in his peak. He's got the whole package IMO.

    2) Who brought bodybuilding to the main stream and who bodybuildings icon? It's easy. Ok, lets say your squatting your final set. You get, say your 4th rep, it was hard and you barely get it. You go down for a 5th. In the back of your mind you dont really think you can get it, but you force your way up you think DAMN IM THE MAN. Waht do you scream? "I am ronnie?" nah. "I am Yates?" nope again.... "I AM AH-NOLD"

  13. Pretty good point spatch. For me, Arnold was the reason I first picked up a weight, since he was the first bodybuilder physique I saw. But when I started following bodybuilding, Dorian was the one who made me serious about training.

  14. For me it was Arnold too. But after awhile I switched to Branch Warren, man that dude is huge.

  15. You just can't beat Arnold's personality!

  16. mine was craig titus...that is..until he killed someone..now i'd have to say..i really like melvin anthony...he has such classic lines and a tiny waist..something i could never attain do to my bone structure. :bb2:

  17. Always loved the pure physique of Sergio, that guy was a beast. Huge thickenss and width with what appeared to be like a 32 inch waist (I know it wasn't).

    Arnold had the charisma fo sure and brought the sport to a whole new level.

    Can't really vote because there are many attributes that these guys had to offer in their own way.

    I remember the pics of Lee Haney in overalls coming into the Mr. O scene, what an animal

  18. I have alot that I admire.....but Sergio gets my vote today, his arms are freaky. I like Levrone too, kinda sucks he never won an Olympia

  19. my husband, AGELESS, of course.

  20. for intellegence, length and success of career, peer respect...

    i gotta say saluu the roid monkey.

  21. I voted Arnold, but I would've like to see someone like Gaspari or Labrada up there.

  22. I like Sergio. Lay aside his monstrous build, he came from nothing and developed into the best. He invented my favorite pose to boot. Truely a leged in his time.


  23. I still have to go with Zane after all these years. He was the reason I started lifting when I was a scrawny little bastard. I have always been about aesthetics and he showed me that you don't have to be huge to be a BBer.


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