Focalin....What an amazing drug this is especially if your

  1. Focalin....What an amazing drug this is especially if your

    Not too long ago i was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety after 2 years of searching what was causing my problem and several antidepressants later, it turns out i had severe adult ADD and was put on 15mg of Focalin twice a day.I have been bodybuilding for 30 years and did several shs but the depression was so severe it robbed me of the only hobby i really enjoyed Within 2 days of starting the Focalin i began to feel much better and actually began to enjoy life again.I resumed training and the mind + muscle connection (no pun intended) was so focused and my motivation was off the charts.I no longer have any depression or anxiety and actually feel like i can absolutley anything now that i can focus so easily.The focalin also curbs my appetite quite a bit and makes getting cut up seem easier,I am not sure if it has any impact on testosterone but my libido has been incredible and at age 55 that is a plus.I plan to compete in October and not only do well but i plan on winning and it may sound cocky but that is the level of confidence i possess right now and the focalin has played a big part in it..Just want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience...

  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing your story and I'm happy for ya.

    Perhaps someone else on here who has been mis-diagnosed and suffering will glean some good insight from your post
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