has anyone ever been this dumb?

  1. has anyone ever been this dumb?

    Ok , i messed up Ill admit it,

    I live in Ok,
    rednecks are everywhere, I work at an oil pump man. facility, and there are a few who ride there horses to work, anyway.
    ALOT of horseplay in my shop, ALOT. There is this one guy who walks by my area and throws M80s..

    also there are alot of "cliks" at work and i mainly stay to myself eat by myself,etc. etc.

    We all eat in the breakroom and i have 5 breaks a night.
    well because visually I am bigger than most people there I get picked on. really, doesnt make sense , but happens none the less.
    There is this one guy, and his buddys, all wanted me to armwrestle this one dude, he's supposedly a badass and has never been beat, blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    well to give you a little history of me and armwrestling, I used to all the time as a kid( have 3 brothers ) my dad, all my high school buddies, and so on, I thrashed my elbow, i mean i thrashed it.
    I swore to myself i would never do it again like 5 years ago.

    these dudes have been on me for weeks, 50$, 100$, paychecks he wanted to bet.
    I knew i could beat him, there was no doubt,
    the thing was a guy like that would go postal on you when he lost because
    he has nothing else to live for but his pride. I knew that.
    i denied them for weeks, because i knew i was going on this cycle and i didnt want to screw up anything.
    Well lets just say i broke down when he called me a *****.
    It lit a fire in me , OMG.
    I said lets doit, i didnt want his money, i wanted him to shut his f'n pie hole about something so infantile,
    I buried his ****talk with his fist into the table in seconds, and have to work through the pain when i train now, great.

    I feel like a dumbass, I never thought the bigger you get , the more people want to mess with you, I dont know wether they are jealous of your will power, or what.
    but it pisses me off.

  2. Well your little story was VERY interesting but I still am not sure if you won or not.

    You said buried fist into table now you hurt during workout?

    I am guessing you did win so why do you feel stupid? You would have felt ALOT stupider if you lost.

    BTW IF you did win how much money did you win.

    You should feel jacked and the first time someone threw an M-50 into your stall beat the **** out of the guy. THAT is why they pick on you cause they know you wont do anything.

  3. He feels stupid for giving in.

    I hear you Kelsey, I have alsways been big, and ppl really like to **** with you the bigger you get. I base it on jealousy, and the want of always proving yourself. If you can take out the big guy, you really must be a bad ass like you already think. Get my drift.

    Thing is, most guys I would say who are big like myself are really the quiet nice teddy bear type. And really don't want to mess with ppl, but if you push us too far, well . . .

  4. I am curious how BIG are you BIG guys?

  5. well, i am 230 5'11 not the biggest, there are DEFINITELY WAY BIGGER GUYS THAN ME.
    but big enough for people to look when i am in a xl tshirt or something, oh and dont even let me wear shorts, i have good legs then my shins are all tore up, DL's and this is a new one, "missed plyos!"
    and at my work the guys there are nitwits, and have no shape

    I did killed the guy armwrestling, for the record, I told him <i didnt want his money, all i wanted him to do was to address the crowd and tell whom was the victor>
    Of course he didnt and bowed out with "hes pretty stout".

    This is so F'd up because I am going crazy on this cycle and i cannot do anything involving my elbow,

    btw my whole left feels like i can bench 400 but my right side says no you dumbass.

    LIVE AND LEARN, burn that on your dvd of life

  6. i understand where you're coming from kelsey. when i was in the corps (man, that sounds odd), we had a det up to Utah. one night at the e-club, the entire unit is in there getting ****faced. i'm in the corner shooting pool having a beer or two. i can see the ****ers on the other side of the room starting an armwrestling contest cuz they wanna feel special while they're ****faced. anywho, i'm trying to avoid the whole thing because i hate armwrestling and i had bi's the next day. after constant bugging, and finally one tall lanky drunk **** yelled out my name and challenged me. this guy was a chief warrant officer that i despised and i figured this might be a good chance to embarass him a little. so, i told him, "tell you what, i'll let you use both arms, you can jerk, yank, do whatever the **** you want, but after you lose, you'll be known as a little bitch". about 10 seconds later, it's over and my ****ing arm is killing me but in my eyes it was worth it. i guess it's a pride thing. i can't back down from any kind of challenge. of course, the bi workout sucked ass too the next day.
  7. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    The elbow will heal. Your status among your piers has advanced greatly, and accordingly, so should your own natty test levels

    Yeah, one could argue you were a little bit weak for giving into the pressure but it's not like you gave into a bet that was potentially life threatening, so who cares?

    Glad to hear you won bro!

  8. Hehe this is great. Good for you kelsey and Beelzebub ! I've always been the small scrawny type but know better than to pick on/piss off the big guys, unless they're my friends which makes the whole thing kind of moot.


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