favorite Arnie movie

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  1. favorite Arnie movie

    red heat, raw deal, ********, terminator 2, running man?

    im goin with the conan series, that **** rocked my world when I was 5, and Ive been a loyal fan ever since.

  2. he's got a lot of good action movies, but my fav would actually be "true lies".

    and as glen indicated, this is assuming pumping iron doesn't count.
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  3. running man was pretty good, i love commando (even though the opening montage is the cheesiest/funniest thing i've ever seen)
    ******** is awesome

    but i think my favorite is total recall

    (or Hercules in New York haha if you've seen it you know what i'm talking about)

    edit: does pumping iron count?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jinkillkill
    red heat, raw deal, ********, terminator 2, running man?

    im goin with the conan series, that **** rocked my world when I was 5, and Ive been a loyal fan ever since.
    Conan the Barbarian, Pumping Iron, Terminator. Those would be my top three. Commando would be in my top ten list of cheesy but awesome movies. I love the bit where he breaks into the gun store, knows exactly where the secret switch is to unlock the room full of super weapons, and the cops never show up while he stocks up on all the high power weaponry one man can carry. That, my friends, is a masterpiece of plotting.

  5. True Lies. But the first Conan would be a close second. For his cheesiest that would be Red Sonja

  6. ********, hands down.

  7. The worst is Hercules in New York, the best is ********, IMO.

  8. I'm with Beelz on this one, "True lies."

  9. Best : Terminator

    Worst : Raw Deal

  10. kindergarten cop
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  11. ******** is the mother of all action movies, if you've never seen Hercules in NY (the original without the voice over) get it, it's hillarious, you'll barely understand a word he says but that's the best part.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    kindergarten cop

    "It's not a tumor!"

  13. "It's naaht ah doomah!"

    True Lies/********

  14. What about Twins?


    No, ******** was great. I actually thought the more recent Collateral Damage was quite good too.
  15. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    1. ********
    2. Conan Series
    3. True Lies
    4. Terminator 1/2/3
    5. The 6th Day

  16. Running Man
    Total Recall
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  17. The best has to be ********. The worst: Junior. Remember that one where he gets a fertilized emryo implanted in his stomach & has a baby? Not a very good movie, but amusing to say the least. I think Danny Devito was in that one too.

  18. Terminator is a classic, its hilarious when he goes into the gun shop and starts loading his gun and the clerk says "Hey, you can do that." Then Arnold responds Wrong." And blows him away. I think ******** and the first Conan are my favorite. It's too bad he didn't ever have a movie that tailored to his personality that you see in Pumping Iron.
  19. tattoopierced1
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    dont forget End of Days..

  20. junior?....................... .....HAHHAHHAHHAHAH **** THAT
    and look where he is today.............You know I read he wanted to be president but due to neutrilisation laws- he cannot (thank god- though anyone's better then bushy"

    id be more like
    Red heat(cause as a ruskie kid in n.z- it gave me a sense of pride)
    running man
    Raw deal

    im like surprised by the kindergarden cop and commando's though-
    twins............enough said heh- devito his twin.........someone was smoking some serious crank that night!.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jinkillkill
    thank god- though anyone's better then bushy"
    Well according to the majority of the United States in a recent vote, Kerry was not better than "bushy" so let's stop bitching about it


    True Lies, Running Man, ********, and Terminator 2 are my 4 favs... on my good list are Terminator 1 and 3, Conan Series (its great when you're drunk and eating munchies!), and Commando

  22. yeah Conan was brutal and had sexual refrences- like the Ice queen who turns into a monster-SOMETHING every 5 year old boy needs to see.

    Man they just dont make movies like they use too,
    also favorite scene:******** whren Vic's brains get blown out of his head-
    that rivals Scarface's chainsaw scene.

  23. saw an awful arnold movie while i was in thailand. black market dvd type deal. can't remember the title now. it was a western that was very similar to 'road runner and coyote' adventures. arnold's name was 'handsome stranger'. funny ****.

  24. maybe do a thread, arnies worst movie?
    Junior, hercules, strange thai western.


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