wardogs recipe

  1. wardogs recipe

    i made the protien bars last night, they were the truth. i loved em. i used wardogs recipe he posted, 16 oz pb, 8 TB honey, 1 cup oats, and 6 scoops oatmeal to make 10 bars. my question is that they are kinda powdery and they break up easily, i still eat em! but should i try less protien powder? and also how long are these good in the fridge? to me they taste better than most store bought bars, but im still looking for ways to make them better. next time im gonna cut some PB and honey out, cuz im cutting! any suggestions?

  2. If you cut some PB and Honey out, they will be even more powdery and breakable. I dont know how long they keep in the fridge cause I always eat them in like 3 days.



  3. stir in some dash of milk....i know whatchu mean by a little crumbly. i add milk until the batch is easy to mix with hand or spoon but not to the point where its sticky. Sage

  4. I like em crumbly... compress them tightly when you make them and they won't crumble so badly. Or add more pb.

  5. thanks for the suggestions guys. ill try the milk trick. i made my batch last night with reduced fat natural peanut butter. taste good. but these bars are great, im in love, i gave my sister a bar to try and she was like , "these taste like fudge", "whrere did you get the recipe?",,i was like "from wardog!!". but i wanna cut some of the cals just to make them more appropriate for a cutting diet. however even as is, all i got to do is make it into more servings.

  6. hmmmm try some carbomer 934 to thicken them up hehehe...


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