Do these stats sound right?

  1. Do these stats sound right?

    Just read these in recent magazines, wanted some opinions Thor, Chris Hemsworth 6'3'', 225lbs, 18'' arms. Vin Diesel 6' 220lbs 17'' arms?
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  2. Funny you mention that -- I was just looking at what I believe is the current issue of Men's Fitness in the gym today. Vin Diesel is on the cover and I was looking at it thinking how ill-proportioned and lame he looks. Have a look for yourself (remove the spaces): www . shoppingblog . com / 2011pics/vin_diesel_mens_fitness_june_2 011 . jpg

    Hardly any vascularity, even though he's clearly flexing, biceps get lost somewhere between his forearms and shoulders, underdeveloped triceps, wide-looking waist compared to his back, shoulders overpower traps.

    All in all not what I would call the epitome of "Men's Fitness." As for the arm size, heck if I know. He looks short b/c of his proportions, but I'd say 17 could be right.

  3. what about Hemsworth though? he clearly has the better physique but he's the same weight, looks bigger and is 3'' taller?

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