A note for those who know me.....

  1. A note for those who know me.....

    Well folks, for those of you who know me, I've been out of commision for a while. Next friday i will finally have my surgery done for a hernia repair. Not exactly the plans I had for the summer but....what do ya do?! The hernia itself has had me off from training for a while now, which is the really depressing part. But, with any luck, I'll be back in the gym and working my way back up the ladder of development again in a couple of months.

    In the meantime my stats are dropping faster than a canonball. Currently down to 172 pounds and still slowly sinking. Man I hate being small again.....oh well, in due time things will get back to "normal" i guess. As it stands now I plan to be on the comeback trail by august. Wish me luck!


  2. Hang in there... it will get better.. I do know about the post surgery stuff

  3. Thanks Mat! I'll try to get on here as much as possible. I know you've been in much the same position. Any tips for when I begin the climb back up? How have things been going for you with your training?

  4. Well if you can get to do some PT, I would do that.. kinda gives you something to start back with but either way, just take slow...
    As for me, I am doing okay.. I have been kinda lacks with my training as of late due to job changes and other things.. I got transferred so that has made things better for me..

  5. Well I sincerely hope that you can get it back on track again bro. As for the PT I'll probably have a look into it.....it's a start for sure!

  6. Well....I"m through the surgery! Had the operation performed today at 11:30 am. I'm sore as hell but atleast it's finally over and done. Now all I have the six week recovery period and then I'm back in force.

  7. Congrats! May you have a perfect and speedy recovery.

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  8. im about 12 Weeks Post Surgery Myself bro. (Umbilical Hernia)

  9. Congrats.. hope than things go good

  10. Thanks!! (Actually Stronger Now than i Was Then)

  11. Was it a tension free mesh repair?

  12. me? They just Sewed It Togather.

  13. I was wondering if Gethuge had the tension free repair . I think I may have a hernia ( going to get it checked out this week ) and I was just wondering what to expect as far as surgery and post surgery goes . Did they use local anesthesia and sedatives , or general anesthesia ? I'm absolutely against the idea of being put to sleep by general anesthesia . Also , I get bad anxiety attacks (just thinking about it) so they better really sedate me if they're going to be cutting me open while I'm awake !

  14. im not GetHuge but i Had Local Anestetic all i could Feel is The Pulling of the Retractors, Diddnt Feel It because i was Out!!

    Took 6 Weeks Off from Gym, Lost 12 LB;s and my Strength Stayed the Same. Muscle Memory Took Over.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    im not GetHuge but i Had Local Anestetic all i could Feel is The Pulling of the Retractors, Diddnt Feel It because i was Out!!

    Took 6 Weeks Off from Gym, Lost 12 LB;s and my Strength Stayed the Same. Muscle Memory Took Over.
    How good of a job did the sedatives do at keeping you calm ?

  16. I was OUT!!

    My Boss came In The OR (I Work in The OR) and said that he asked me a Question and i Responded with my Glazed as heck Over Eyes to Him "Everythings gonna be ALLLLRIGHT!!!"

    I Was OUT!! I Even Walked Home (1/4 Mile) After with No Pain.

    Now When i Woke Up for the First Time, That was a Different Story!!

  17. Well I went to the doctor today and he said he doesn't think I have a hernia , but wants me to get a second opinion because he did feel something a little "suspicious".

  18. he wants you to get a 2nd Opinion? Sounds Fishy.


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