College major for pharmacy

  1. College major for pharmacy

    I am getting to the stage of going to college and am having a little trouble on choosing what to do. I want to go into pharmacy because I enjoy learning about how items act on the body and why.

    What I want to do is either clinical(or whatever working in a hospital is), Research and developement, and I recently read about compounding pharmacy which sounds interesting and fun.

    What I am trying to decide is whever to get a BSPS (bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences) and then on to Pharm. D. or to go Pre Pharm to Pharm D. I would appreciate it, if there are other ways to reach this goal, to find out out ways to acheive what I am looking for.

    To my understanding Pre Pharm to Pharm D is more for retail and clinical and BSPS for research etc.

    Also it would be great if anyone could list other jobs R.Ph can do.

    Thank you very much,

  2. Go to the drug store, ask the person working there.

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