How did you come up with your AM handle? (possible repost)

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  1. How did you come up with your AM handle? (possible repost)

    I have been asked like a bagillion times what Metroba means.

    I am heavily into metal and my name is Rob. So I combined the two and came up with Metrobal. This was when I was 15 and needed a name for aol. Metrobal was taken, so I dropped the "L" and got Metroba.

    in b4 cool story bro

    So tell me guys; how did you come up with your handles?
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  2. I blow up at the poker table (not because of bad beats, but when people do stupid ****)...and pretty much anywhere. In other words, I get pissed off easily, hence the loose "cannon." Oh, and when I have whiskey in me I get very condescending. Not the case with beer, though. - Plus I'm Irish, sooooo...ya.

    Feck you.

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    I work for my boyfriend's family business called Boerner Manufacturing Company. It's the best place ever to work because I don't have a set time to be there and I work alongside people I love. And Louzee is my first name. So take the acronym BMC and stick my first name Louzee and you get dun dun dun....


    For those who wonder what type of Asian I am. I am Filipino.

  4. haha im the fat dude with game.. and im from the south!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SouthernCharm View Post
    haha im the fat dude with game.. and im from the south!!
    I'm sorry, man. Do you want to talk about it?


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I'm sorry, man. Do you want to talk about it?

    Nah bro Im afraid you won't understand my slow southern drawel LOL

  7. About eleven years ago, when Mullets first became "funny," there was a website called The members were called the "Mullitia." So, "Mulletsoldier." Sounded very witty and funny when I was 13!

  8. Well...I started my career in emergency nursing almost 10 years ago. I instantly became a "Trauma Junkie" due to the massive adrenaline rush and frequent learning opportunities in emergency medicine. Ironically, I could do without being a "trauma nurse" anymore. The burnout over that time period is bad; which is why I'm back in school finishing my nurse practitioner.

    The "1" is because I'm born on the first day of the year.

    Plus, I just liked the way "T1" sounded.

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  9. one of my favorite rappers named kurupt has the nickname young gotti, which he took from john gotti who was a glamorous type gangster as many of you probably know, so i took it when i played a game called world of warcraft and when i got an account on here it just seemed easy enough to make it that

  10. I am a skilled and honed warrior who would serve no feudal lord. I am the last of my kind. It can also refer to myself being, the 47th Ronin.
  11. Unbreakable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    About eleven years ago, when Mullets first became "funny," there was a website called The members were called the "Mullitia." So, "Mulletsoldier." Sounded very witty and funny when I was 13!
    They were "funny" long before 11 years ago. We were just too cool to know it.

  12. Character from a book that I was reading at the time.
    SFW and GFH

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    Character from a book that I was reading at the time.
    Was it the Hardly Boys?

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  14. Mine came from a long line of a name that mutated. It started out as Rick Hunter(from robotech) Became Rick Masters, then eventually Zero Masters(after a stint as Zero.EXE) with that zero being based off of the Maverick Zero from megaman as a kid, then Zero Masters Became Zero V, with V being the first letter of my last name. .

    So Zero being the guy pictured, was a childhood hero. And V, well my last name is Vance.

    Its origins go back to maybe 99 lol.

  15. Mine isn't about the sports team... Although I wish I would of paid attention to who they were before making it to avoid a **** ton of emails asking me if I attended the university.

  16. Ricky is my name and 5145 is the last four digits to my Phone#. Its also my email so i figured id just keep with it.

  17. I won three National Drumming titles

  18. It's a kettle bell exercise I do with dumbells.
    I think it sounds cool too

  19. I lived in South Korea for 14 years before relocating to Germany a few years back. While in Korea, I trained in Soo Bahk Do and the last five years I was there, I trained with Seon Buddhist monks in meditation and Sun Moo Do. Seunim literally means "monk" in Korean.

  20. My first SN here, timdull2...that one is hard to figure out.

    After a few stalkers, I asked to switch it up to align with a product that was out at the time (wink-wink). Now, well... It's honestly just my initials.
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  21. Mine should be pretty obvious, it was first used on registration here. I have become fascinated by some of the sciences behind lifting, especially in supplementation/anabolics.
    Just inject.

  22. simple, I have been living the Moynihan LYFESPAN

  23. True story:

    A few years ago when I was like 14/15 I had a black friend named Mo. His real name was Mohamad. Anyways he ended up stealing his Daddy's Benz and we drove all around town for a day. Me, him, some black guys we picked up and my other white friend kyle started rapping. His new name was Moeazy and mine turned out to be BigBeazy. It just stuck from there on.

  24. I created mine back when I was 16. I had recently seen a movie called "The Dark Half" (a book from Steven King). And at the time, the title really felt how I felt about myself (attitude, music tastes, dressed gothic, did drugs, etc) and about life. So I coined TheDarkHalf2001 as my AIM name...and effectively dropped the 2001 (year in which i created the name) when I started forum posting. I have this screen name on bodybuilding, lean bulk, and DS.

  25. Alll cool stories bro
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  26. I just used my porn name

  27. I tripped over a dog , then ate it.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  28. mine came from a gucci mane song, i was listening to while signing up, the name i wanted was taken or couldnt be used and i couldnt think of anything, it was pissin me off and lil wayne said " i got 10 bathrooms i can sh!t all day " so i just typed it in and it accepted the 0 at the end was a typo

  29. i'm big and sexy...nuff when i was into wrestling, kevin nash was one of my favorite wrestlers and he called himself bigsexy


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