1. R.I.P. GURU

    I did not know about this man's passing until this afternoon,and i must say that i am sorry. For those of you who don't know this man was a hip-hop legend 1 part of the dynamic duo..GangStarr.

    My highschool years were spent listening to countless groups that came out in 92-96,honestly i would be here all day listing all of the groups that captured my ear,but in 93-94 GangStarr dropped the classic "Hard to Earn"...that was it,i was officially a hip-hop junkie.

    GURU's smooth,suave delivery on the mic made rapping seem so effortless accompanied by DJ Premier's thought provoking beats..these guy's were untouchable,and on an entirely different level than anyone in the game. These were the dudes that up and comer's wanted to emulate and become.

    Now while i never saw my self as an MC/rapper DJ Premier influenced me enough to pick up my first drum machine and start banging out beats on my own back in 98',and while i am nowhere with the craft as of yet...it is still a serious hobby in my life and will continue on.

    The amount of influence that GURU had on the game can never be measured,but one thing is for sure..his spirit will be missed.. there will never be another duo like these guy's were.

    "Above the clouds,above the clouds where the sounds are original/infinite skills create miracle's" GURU.

    You will be missed brother.

  2. Young Gotti (another big hip hop fan on the boards) mentioned this in one of his logs, which is when I first heard about it. I too really enjoy Gangstar, although I admitably discovered thier talents later then thier popularity. Great influence on music, and may he rest in peace.
    Just inject.


  3. RIP Guru....wish him and DJ Premier still got along before his death but everyone has differences
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  4. RIP GURU man was a genius. I also heard about this late.


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