Bad stomach flu

  1. Bad stomach flu

    I have a bad case of the stomach flu....i had the urge to vomit out of nowhere and it lasted about 24 hours.....also got the runs bad....the vomitting stopped, but the runs haven't this started thursday around 6 pm......its now monday 6 pm...... what should i do? will probiotics help? i know the basics gatorade water etc.... i dont have health insurance so dr. visit isnt an option.... immodium works for a day but i still have the symptoms......fml

  2. anyone please? my A.. is sore from wiping ahh this is the worst

  3. Hey man there is this stuff called EZTravel that really helps me during a struggle with the stomach flu. It is this dietary suppliment that really does work. It is made by this company called EnvirGen at the University of Illinois.

  4. Ewwwww thanks for the visual, go get some pedilite ( babies drink it when they poop and puke to much) will help replace everything you have lost in 5 days...sounds like something more than a 24 hour thing, if not better soon , I say go to a walk in or a clinic and get some relif, try rice and bananas to ( makes you clog up)...

    RIP Ryan, :(

  5. Flush your system out, drinks lots of fluids and eat crackers. Give yourself nothing to poop out :P
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