have you ever been hurt at the gym?

  1. have you ever been hurt at the gym?

    Just a random question. I was at the gym today and just thought man would it suk to get hurt in the gym. Has anyone ever broke a bone or dislocated anything while at the gym and needed medical sttention? I just remembered I actually dislocated my shoulder at the gym about 8 years ago. Had to drive myself tp the emergency room. That sucked and I looked like a douche at the gym.

  2. Hmmm not me personally, but I have seen people trip over equipment and fall on treadmills numerous times. It was pretty funny I have to admit thankfully noone got hurt though.

  3. I appear to have fractured my hand when doing smith machine squats with 4 plates. The bar wasn't fully fastened when I went to walk out from under the weight. So, the weight came crashing back down and bent the had back a helluva lot further than it's supposed to go. Fukcing swole up like a grapefruit and hurt for a month after that. A knob remains just above the wrist. Other than that, nothing major like a full break or dislocation.

  4. I was doing dumbell presses once and the guy spotting did not remove the dumbells that were under the bench, so when I went to drop the dumbells after my set I smashed my fingers in between both dumbells. Boy did that hurt and three of my fingers looked destroyed. It looked like something out of a cartoon, a section of my fingers were flat then it just ramped up like popeyes biceps.

  5. I have pinched nerves while doing deads and laid on the floor numerous times, lol.

    I did blow out my right knee in HS due to our HS coach telling everyone to bounce at the bottom of the rep to get more weight and get stronger. He told me to walk that sh!t off, and being young and stupid,....that's what i did. I took me about a year or so to get anywhere near a squat rack again.

  6. Never a significant injury. Messed my back up for a couple days after going a bit too heavy on squats, sacrificing form. Caused a bit of upper back pain for a day or two, but recovered quickly.

  7. Nothing serious. I have been suffering from a lot of pain in my left arm. Starting from the elbow down to the hands. MOst likely tendons. Has kept me from bicep exercises. Other injuries involve pinched nerves or strains in the neck.


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