Bad shoulders question

  1. Bad shoulders question

    I have dislocated both of my shoulders twice. Even though it has been about 3 years since my last massive shoulder injury, I still cannot bench press 100%, not even 80%. Even if I do wide grip pull ups I get tons of pain after the workout. There is a clicking and popping noise in both my shoulders when I move them, but it is not usually painful (it is painful only after a workout). I have been taking Animal Flex for the past month, but there is almost no effect on the pain after a workout.

    Questions : Do you think that joint supplements help with shoulder injuries? If so, would it be ok to take Orange Triad with Animal Flex?
    Has anyone else had such a long term shoulder trouble?


  2. Got a major shoulder problem in my Left shoulder..........had a few cortisone shots......x-rays, and a Bone scan and they still don't know what's up.......I can barely do shoulder presses or any chest press.........too painful unless I do puss weight.......shoulders and chest were my major strong points before this injury........very depressing........getting sent to see an Orthopedic Surgeon next.......i have something popping and grinding........sux, cuz I wanna do heavy bench again and can't do it.........I'm a Back and Bicep guy now

  3. Try some WD-40.


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