Con-Cret Creatine Anyone?

  1. Con-Cret Creatine Anyone?

    Anyone heard super human radio on this? Just wondering if anyone has tried it or heard anything about it?
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  2. I too heard that show, the product sounds promising and from the sounds of it they did a good trial in many testers, I haven't seen it on sale anywhere and dont know the pricing but I'd sure be interested in trying it out!

  3. Get the free sample on the superhuman website....

  4. its on sale at i know, probably other places too (except np?)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kilo1636 View Post
    its on sale at i know, probably other places too (except np?)
    reps, great sale there
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  6. i see it at GNC...but have not bought it yet

  7. I have not tried it yet, but I have seen a muscle mag this month (not sure which one, but its currently on shelves) and they had awards to the best supps in each category, which I believe based on everyones opinions on this board, were pretty accurate. Seems like they are pretty current too as some supps were T-Bol by Thermolife and Prime by USP Labs.

    Anywho, this creatine took the Gold Metal as the best creatine supp. Again I have not used this product, just relaying what I read.

    P.S. Muscle Tech won the prize for the best advertising!

  8. Ive tried it and wasnt that impressed, it is overpriced for a creatine product, but since its micronized its sapose to last longer per serving. Never bought it again.


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