Post Turkey Day Spewage

  1. Post Turkey Day Spewage

    so, did anybody else barely make it to the locker room 3/4 of the way into their workout before blowing nasty chunks all over the mirror, or was it just my body's own special way of saying farewell to all fun I had packing my face with **** yesterday and not so politely sending me the message: "hey sucka, you had your chow day now get back to working out hard and heavy you sorry sack of jiggly-paste.... biatch!!!"

    (something interesting of note, I've puked on the locker room mirror of almost every long term gym I've been a member at... not something I used to be proud of, but it seems I've adopted sort of a badge of honor feeling about it all lately and can shamelessly tell you that yes, if you see me working out often enough, you will also inevitably see me wiping something off the counter and walls in the bathroom, and that something will be chunky mouth-spew)

    any other funny, fearful, freaky or fearless barfecdotes welcome here, I know it can't just be my special talent

  2. LOL no stories for me but I haven't hit the gym yet. I'm really looking forward to it now especially since it's deads day.

  3. I played golf. It was sunny and 84 here today. I love Florida.
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  4. LOL!! Biggs, you and me both brother, I think I have puked every place that I'm a regular at. Including friends houses, clubs, concerts, etc. Everybody's used to it now. That and the 4 bombs I drop at their houses. I sometimes feel bad and bring over some toilet paper cuz I always use theirs.

    But yesterday, I drank WAAAAAY too much wine man. I got kinda sick this morning, and since I have a huge test coming up I have to wait till tomorrow to do my deads as NP cuz I'm friggin' exhausted.

    Oh yeah, how about those games yesterday eh? I lost $50 bucks cuz I picked Dallas over Miami.

  5. Originally posted by Jergo

    Oh yeah, how about those games yesterday eh? I lost $50 bucks cuz I picked Dallas over Miami.
    yeah, DONT get me started... I'm severely pissed about both games

  6. After years of training myself how to puke while extrememely intoxicated, I'm afraid I can no longer vomit involuntarily. So, I have never puked on any mirror, due to the fact that any vomiting I do is induced, and only after about 20-30 cocktails.(I should've stuck my finger down my throat Thursday night...........abomination)


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