What makes you thankful, this Thanksgiving

  1. What makes you thankful, this Thanksgiving

    I saw a thread title on another board and it made me think..

    Things I am thankful for

    1. My family, without my wife and two wonderful children I would not have the support I have to do the things I love to do...
    2. My health, even now with back problems that are going to require surgery in the very near future, I am overall better healthy
    3. My friends.. here and in real life. These are the people that help you and done ask for anything except you to be who you are. Good friends and workout partners are hard to find, treat them right and hang on to them.
    4. Living in my state and this wonderful country. Alabama is one of the best states in this blessed Union of States.. and I would not want to live anywhere but where I am
    5. My job, I am lucky because I have a job where I get to help shape the future for everyone... it is an great feeling to know that most days

    I am just thankful.. and I hope that wherever you are tonight, tomorrow, or sometime soon you stop and think about all the wonderful things in your life and remind yourself how lucky you really are

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving no matter what country you are living it..

  2. My friends and family are awesome, life is good.... and dammit, I'm healthier and look better than the average slob out there.

  3. I'm thankful for Methylated prohormones.

  4. Originally posted by Lean One
    I'm thankful for Methylated prohormones.

    I'm thankful for my hot and obedient wife, family, friends, my good job, my good looks, 1-test, and the internet.

  5. Originally posted by NPursuit

    I'm thankful for my hot and obedient wife, family, friends, my good job, my good looks, 1-test, and the internet.
    hey....how did "my good looks" sneak in there?
    Im thankful for my friends and family, the Lord for guiding me through the ups and downs of life, the opportunities i have, and music. And of course...... my good looks

  6. hey, who said you could turn Thanksgiving into a self proclaimed beauty pagent you two? (NP, Sage)

    Im most thankful for the rock in my life that is my wife, everyone should be as blessed as i am.
    My children, one boy (destructive devil child) and one of the sweetest girls i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    The health of my family is another biggie, without going into detail im most thankful for this....

    ...... Weights, i just love heavy metal weights too......

  7. ALRIGHT!! let's see....... life, being an American, umm.....charge cards? uh, this helluva forum, protein powder, my strong will and confidence, women, and all of that sensitive $hit that has to do with friends, family, etc., etc.

  8. Im thankful for everything negative that has ever happened to me in my life. I consider those to be the greatest learning experiences and the eye openers to building a strong will and the foundation for the appreciation of life and the gift of it in general.

    If not for lows there would never be highs. If not for sadness there would never be happiness. If not hate there would never be love. If not for weaknesses there would never be strengths.

    Appreciate everything, not just the positive.
    Some of the most valuable lessons youll learn in life will be most definitly not gift wrapped.


  9. I'm thankful for having a roof over my head, enough $$$ to survive although I'm not filthy rich, the PH powders I stocked up, my health, having a stable job.

  10. I'm thankful for my friends, my health, my family, my bros, my job, and for having enough money to survive, my heavy-ass weights, and last but not least I'm thankful for all my pinz!

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  11. I'm thankful for the 23lb turkey I've all but polished off, its been nice cutting down on the food prep the past few days...oh and wife, kids, friends, health, blah, blah, blah...did I mention the turkey?


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