Taking Visa Cards

  1. Taking Visa Cards

    I run a small business, but things have grown a fair amount since I took out a yellow pages add. Sooner or later someone is going to want to pay me by credit card.

    What is the easiest and cheapest way for a small operation like me to be able to take visa? Must be someone here who has or had a similar problem.



  2. depends.... do you work from an office or are you mobile?

    you can get a little swipy box for the office through a number of providers.. you can swipe the card or type in the numbers if its an order by phone.

    I worked for a mobile car batter installation company... i had a nextel phone that had a CC swiper and a wireless printer. I could swipe the card on the phone, and print it right there for the customer...really cool. (this was years ago too).

    little bit of reading

  3. as long as you have a modem when you swipe the card you are good to go. That is what the phone is being used as. That is a great product, perfect for a mobile business.

  4. I am primarily mobile so I need something that can go on the road with me. Just about anywhere I go there is a phone line I can use, although if it worked through my cell phone that would be great too.

    Looks like I've got a bit of research to do! Thanks for that link.

  5. I agree with RedwolfWV,

    e to do about anywhere there is a phone line I can use, although if the cell hone is a greater way to describe them



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