Putting Down an Family Pet

  1. Putting Down an Family Pet

    I've got a cat (I know, cat's aren't a fan favorite on this board) but we've had her since she was a kitten and she had a few more in her time with us. Today I learned she had the lowest white blood count my Veterinarian has ever seen, and that the best thing to do is to put her down. I know it's never an easy thing, but how do you guys get over your cats/dogs/birds/etc... when this kinda thing happens. I've had to do it before, and I guess I'm a softer guy when it comes to death, and it eats away at me. So if you guys have any good ways of coping with this sorta' thing, I'd greatly appreciate it.


  2. Just get out and do stuff with people that will make you feel better. Not much else you can do.

  3. Remember how much fun you had with them, and try not to listen for a meow everytime you come home. My cat was 20 when we put her down, it sucks even today. But as is the nature of life, we're all plant food eventually.

  4. I feel for you with a sick animal. I have a cat, and he's one of the best pets i've ever owned.

    Does your cat have FIV?

    I know chosing to do something like this is not easy. I also suggest keeping yourself busy and interacting with friends.

    The truth is though, no matter what you do there will be the greiving period. It's a completely normal reaction to death. Remember the good times that were had and part ways in that manner.

    Good luck bud, i know dealing with a sick pet is no easy decision.

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  5. ill never forget when i had to put my childhood dog down.... its weird coming home and not being greeted at the door. (your cat might not do this..but same concept). only thing that helps is time. every day you get a little more used to he/she not being there... when the time is right... get another pet, but dont rush it.

    sorry to hear it...

  6. I thought I hated cats until I got one. Cats rule. Dogs do too

  7. Thanks for all the advice/kind words guys. It's tough, but I just keep telling myself that she's suffering right now, it's more to her benefit to just let her go, instead of selfishly making her try and live through this (which is next to impossible) It's just a VERY hard thing to know that I am choosing to end her life. Especially when I love her as much as I would a child, if I had one. It's also especially tough because I still have her 3 kittens (well, I guess they're actually cats now) and I feel like I'm taking them away from her. I'm just having a tough time with the whole thing, but thanks again for all the support (even you Rugger j/k)

    Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Does your cat have FIV?
    I'm not sure dude, he said she needed a blood transfusion, but since her wbc is so low, and a transfusion would only bring her up to about 10% - he said it would more than likely be in vain.

  8. Ive been there, and it was truly one of the worst things Ive ever had to do....I had a rotty that got Cushings Disease. She lived with it for a year or so, but then got so bad she had to be put down. I took her in and sat there while it happened....my son was only 4 then, and he thought she was just staying at the vet because she was sick. It took a LONG time before he quit asking about her coming home, and that was after I got him a boxer puppy. I miss that dog more than anything.


  9. Well, she's gone as of this morning. I went in knowing it was coming, but how do you really prepare for that type of thing? The vet was really good about it all and he let us say goodbye to her for a little while. Then he came in and sedated her before the euthanasia, and I planned on leaving the room while the euthanasia took place. Unfortunately she was so exhausted that she passed while the sedation medication set in. I was there with her to the very end, but I think for my sake that it was better than leaving (even if she had been asleep). Her last moments were with me rubbing her head, and saying, "It's okay."

    Thanks again guys for all the kinds words. I'm still pretty torn up over this and don't expect to be feelin' good for awhile, but it does help to have others who can relate - thanks again.


    RIP Nadia

  10. I am a big softy myself when it comes to losing a pet. I am sorry to hear that, I recently put down my hamster....sounds stupid by it hurt some. I have 3 dogs, had 4...oldest one died in the middle of his life suddenly. Still remember him. You grieve for a bit, but over time it It is a bit better.

  11. I had to put down an awesome dog a year ago, I know it hurts man. Not a day goes by that I dont think of her, but all of the memories are good. Just keep reminding yourself that Nadia wouldnt want you to be sad.

  12. yeah im a big softy for my pets as well,i think i love them even more because i don't have children,lost one about 2 years ago and man greived over that dog like crazy,hang in there bro it will get better,there is something to be said for being there until the very end.

  13. Since July of last year I have had to say goodbye to 3 cats. One was adopted that we had for 9 years the other two were 18 y.o. brothers that we had since kittens. The last one had renal failure for which I spent six months doing sub-Q rehydration before he declined too far.

    The legalities and ethics of human euthanasia can complicate things for animals since, as pet owners know, they are usually part of the family. However, IMO for terminal cases with poor prognosis for quality of life, it is a no-brainer. When my last one was put to sleep and all his muscles relaxed I saw the cat that I grew up with and realized that he had not been happy for several months. The right thing to do is usually simple, but never easy.

    It was helpful to have other cats to come home to afterwards. I think going from one to none would be rough. We only adopt adult cats now and find that it's a bit of a silver lining. When one passes, it gives us the opportunity to provide a home for another.


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