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  1. Cool beans

  2. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    is there any way on the tracker to replicate days quickly? The fastest way Ive been able to do it is go to recent foods and my custom foods to add quick but it would be sweet if there was some way to copy a whole day and then tweak from there for any differences.
    lazy bum

  3. Eh what can you do... I put in alot of work making y diet and like to use the same thing as much as possible... but this program really is sweet, I need to update my customs though with full nutrient details cause my dailys look like they are lacking when I check my recs for the day.... like no vit A and low calcium when I have like 2 more cups of milk with every shake I have bsides the milk I drink normally...

  4. Awesome

  5. good stuff here!!

  6. love the calandar - shveet!

  7. Thank you ..

  8. Awesome its gr8

  9. coo

  10. Nice

  11. good idea, can't wait to try it

  12. I just joined this board today this feature sounds really neat I can't wait to try it out

  13. Your weight progress is now graphed. When you enter a new weight in diet tracker, it get graphed in your amspace profile (right below diet totals)

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.
  14. Administrator
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    And some new updated spiffy looking graphs in your amspace profiles now too. The others ones were so.... 2007.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by dadream View Post
    awesome, this site gets better n better!
    damn i like your avatar!
    i don`t care if it looks a bit ghay i still love it

  16. I like popcorn

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    Everytime the "AM wants you to view this thread" window comes up, I think I've been banned.
    This is sweet

  18. Impressive

  19. good stuff


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