New Pay Rules Starting on June 15th

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  1. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf View Post
    When I logged in I was like "oh **** what did I do?"....and then read that I was like f*ck man. That's a good joke!
    hahah i thought the same thing. . Bump that!!
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  2. I was getting a little worked up myself. LOL Good one.
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  3. SON OF A---

    u got meh

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  5. I was like "What was my damn Password?"

  6. THANKS..!!

  7. What a way to start the day! got me! Happy April Fool's everyone

  8. hahahahahaha nice!
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  9. LMAO, I was umm wtf.. ok.. lol

  10. I was like, screw that! Where's the cancel account link

  11. Haha, this was a good one

  12. I was trying to remember my Pay Pal info. I havent logged into that for a LONG time.

  13. Bravo!!!

  14. hahaha

  15. lmao i was thinking as i was reading, i cant wait to read every post after this,
    "their gonna rip this guy!" lmao. good one

  16. hhahahahhaha that was a good one


  18. yep got me too, what's worse i'd completely forgotten it was april fools! better recheck those emails i've been responding to all morning with people winding me up at work

  19. haha, this morning I was thinking "hmm nobody is doing anything stupid for april fools day, I bet if they do I won't fall for it". This however got me haha.

  20. Ha, You got me last year with this, never again! LOL

  21. Can I prepay ?
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  22. I was just about to close my account!
  23. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    isn't this the same as last year? or the year before?
    Ha Ha I got it too But, it NEVER gets old

  24. Nice!
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  25. O NOES

    oh wait.....

  26. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    isn't this the same as last year? or the year before?
    hahaa yeah I remember it from '08 too..

    dang, makes me feel old.

  27. Thought for sure I was getting canned there for a second...

    good one AnabolicMinds !

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  28. Wow that had me going!! Great April fool!
  29. Red face

    actually i thought that it was a good idea, until i heard that the penalty wouldnt be that large.
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