Alpha bulk active amount

  1. Alpha bulk active amount

    I was wondering how a full serving gives 120mg of 4dhea. how can this be anywhere near effective as andromass that has 450mg per serving?

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    I was wondering how a full serving gives 120mg of 4dhea. how can this be anywhere near effective as andromass that has 450mg per serving?
    We didn't build the product to compete with andromass. We built the product based on our knowledge of these specific pro hormones. I linked you to the F.A.Q. previously, did you have a chance to read it? It explains our reasoning. I'm not sure if you have see this post but thus far it's panned out to be better than we initially expected. We are discussing 1-DHEA, but the same concepts apply to 4-DHEA enanthate.

    What type of conversion rate to 1-T are you guys projecting with this?

    1-T supps back in the day were dosed at what? 100-300mg? 1-AD (original) was dosed in the 200-400 and was a one step conversion to 1-T? This is a 2 step starting at guys must be loving this hormone sheild complex.

    We actually believe it's quite a bit higher than we ever initially though it would be. The sublingual studies hinted at that, but then the AMS 1-Androsterone urinary excretion study (third party) supported it even further. That showed us it appeared to convert to the diol, and testosterone quite efficiently. The problem with the old stuff and the new stuff is the delivery. The bioavailability of a typical capsule of un-esterfied 19-norDIOL is less than 1%. That is why you had guys dosing it as high as a gram. But sublingual 19-norDiol had an estimated bioavailability closer to 68%. Which is why such a little dose had such a nice biological effect. I'm using 19-norDIOL in this example just because there is good research behind it. Sublinguals have some limitations though.

    We are working on an article that compares oral vs. sublingual vs. this delivery method and outlining our estimates for bioavailability for each. We are still discussing where it falls and how we want to advertise that exactly but it's coming. As you can probably guess though this system is superior to both. Although without the Hormone Shield I dont think it would be as good as the sublinguals.

    Just as an example, that study I referenced above that was brand new on berberine showed it increased the bioavailability of the drug tested 38-40%. That's very significant.

    As a straight up estimate (there is no pharmacokinetic research on this stuff so it is just an estimate) it is somewhere like this:

    1 sublingual tab = 200-300mg's of an oral capsule
    1 dose of Alpha Mass = 300-500mg's of an oral capsule

    Note: I may change my thoughts on this depending upon on the logs go bros. I think it might have an even greater potential.

    Also some reasons as to why we dose it the way we do, can be found here: FRL - Cost Comparison & The Anabolic Effect Part II
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