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  1. Great feeback fellas..
    Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    Just stop buying into the marketing and appreciate the supplements for what they are. Your taking it too seriously, really we want the supplement companies to do well and survive and thats where innovation comes along. They need to sell the stuff its a fact.

    For some of us little goes a long way.
    I have no probs with supp companys who sell good stuff that works thats consistent, and dont really have a prob if there a bit costly if they deliver and are reliable, i dont think its good for anyone to buy a supp that promises to deliver but gives nothing in return, that sucks
    and thats why there are some good companys with all good or mostly good products and some crap companys with all crap or mostly crap products

  3. We will in due time get that ursol xt on the right fellas hang in there ..we are getting ready to launch Alpha Bulk few weeks. Then Alpha Hard is next up.. but thanks for support both our companies its fans like you who keep us on the up n up.
    Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Hey guys sorry for the delays in replies. We had all sorts of issues come up and we needed to fix them.

    Originally the plan was to complex the UA in cyclodextrin. We wanted to do this because it increases the solubility of UA 200 times. But we got bad news.

    We used a new manufacturer, who basically priced it as complexed. We thought we were good to go. By the time they completed and we had labels printed and we tested the final product we found all they did was blend our UA with cyclodextrins. They didn't actually complex it which is what really matters. At this point we went back to them but they want to charge a ridiculous amount for complexing the product. Egh

    So where does that leave us. The cyclo in the product doesn't actually improve solubility. So this is just plain ole UA.

    However the additions of piperine and forskolin still work well with UA. We are also continuing to pursue a manufacturer who can appropriately complex the cyclos.

    FRL sincerely apologizes for this error. But hopefully this provides some clarification.

    Sorry in advance if I missed it but did the product ever get Complexed or is it still blended

    Also I know this was posted but cant find it how much UA /Forskolin in a serving


  5. now i know why i got free bottles of ursol - xt

  6. I hope you guys can get it complexed. I'm really looking forward to trying it.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  7. What does this product really do? I got a free one when a1supp's where running a promo....got the lab kit...yet to try. When I tried this I literally felt nothing until I upped to 8 caps a day. Well I took 8 caps before bed....had great sleep and started to shred. That's about it. Before I knew it the bottle was empty.

    Zero sides with but left me bit puzzled what it really does....I can vouch for the fact that it's better taken in cutting phase and good for sleep.


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